Season 2 (Starts June 19!!)

After a VERY long 11 1/2 month wait, finally…season 2 kicks in…I was re-watching it last month with Jamie to get her up to speed and I found I enjoyed the show a LOT better the second time around and I’m very much ready and fired up to see where this hostile takeover takes our little town…it’s funny how BSG-like I’m feeling about this show…even Jamie went “Wow, even the music is very BSG-like, he’s way better here than he is on Agents of SHIELD”

Anyone else still watching out there???

sigh I miss when this place was more active /end sulk

plan to watch, yes, alas I don’t know of a non premium service here in the Finnish lands which will carry it so may have to resort to “other means”.
on the “anyone try forum werewolf? might encourage activity” ID

De-lurking to ask, “So, what did you think of the S2 premiere??”

Our first thought was “WOW…they gave the show a budget” and showed us a lot more of Earth 2.0 which was way cool, feels like the pulled the cover off the tarp pretty dang quickly there…

the Stahma/Alak stuff was cool…we laughed at the scene with Stahma and Datek which was a little odd, but fitting…

this whole thing feels a LOT like “BSG on New Caprica” especially with people like Amanda in roles we’re not used to seeing them in, I’m also assuming we’re going to get flashbacks on the 9 months that have passed too

Thanks for de-cloaking, what did you think of it??

Initially I was worried that I wouldn’t remember enough of what had gone on last season since it was quite a while ago, but that was taken care of quite handily. I didn’t need to remember, the recap was a decent enough reminder and they’re taking it in a new direction anyway. They’ve set up quite a few new threads to follow for the season so it should be quite entertaining.

It was nice to see new places (well, you know what I mean) and races that got sidelined in the first season. They really only dealt with a couple of species but now they’re bringing a few of them back to remind us that there were more than the two or three they had shown.

I watched it twice when it aired and I still want to watch it again, I was a little distracted the first viewing and didn’t see the whole thing on the second :slight_smile:

FYI Season 1 is streamable on Amazon Prime :slight_smile:

I need to sit down and watch it again this week too…Dominon also caught our interest and we took a peek in on that as well, I just hope that Defiance doesn’t try to expand its horizon TOO fast this season…

I’m glad that there’s the option nowadays to watch episodes online, since Defiance’s slot conflicts with another summer show that I enjoy, but I am watching (although SyFy tends to rebroadcast the crap out of everything anyway, so you can always catch the most recent week’s ep on the weekend - or before the next ep, or after, for that matter!) I thought that ‘The Lost Ones’ minisodes were pretty good - it’s always a challenge doing much with something that short, but I thought it gave an interesting glimpse into Nolan and Irisa’s backstory and just how far he’s willing to go to protect her. I liked that the premiere spent some time showing us the world outside of Defiance, of which we’ve only seen small pieces, and I’m interested in seeing how they’ll play up the show/game interaction side of things this year.

I need to see the mini-episodes…they’re on the Sci Fi website???

I enjoyed Episode 2, but it feels like they’re rushing everyone back to their original spots in the show…I liked the Tommy/Irisa conflict (and good for Tommy to find someone else when she upped and disappeared), I wish there was more a sense of dissention in the town with the E-Rep but it only seems to be the people who lost their positions of power caring…for now…pissing off Stahma like the E-Rep did this week might push for some more cracks and the eventual uprising…I’m glad this occupation is more a slow burn and NOT a BSG copy in that respect…

I’ll confess to being on the fence about Tommy’s new girlfriend. Based on her name and her behavior in the premiere, I was perhaps a bit hasty in starting to refer to her privately as ‘Captain Ice Nazi’ whenever she showed up on screen. While she certainly seems to be one of those who have clearly drunk the E-Rep flavored Kool-Aid, her exchange with Irisa definitely made her seem markedly less one-dimensional than she appeared to be in the premiere. To be fair, the show runners haven’t exactly portrayed the E-Rep in a very flattering light - most of the people aligned with it tend to turn out to be conniving, murdering D-Bags - and anyone associated with them who’s proven to be halfway decent has a tendency to end up shot in the face. I mean, I get it - the post-alien invasion, post-apocalyptic world isn’t exactly the ideal place to try establishing a better-constructed, less corrupt human government, especially since part of the planet is still occupied by the Votans. It’s just what happens in this kind of show where it’s not always clear who the real bad guys are.

As far as folks being pissed off about the E-Rep being there, it definitely seems like a pretty slow burn. Possibly alot of the town was just so demoralized about what had gone down in the first season that there wasn’t the energy for outrage about the hostile takeover. Plus it seems that the E-Rep, for all their bad reputation, did manage to get alot of things accomplished, building the rail line and rebuilding the stasis net…not to mention effectively bribing all the gulanite miners with what sounds like some fairly obscene pay raises.

Especially if you played the video game (I did during season 1), the E-Rep are TOTAL good guys in the game…it adds some confusion there too…I need to find that game again and crank it up…but it’s also real-life, no one full species should be “all evil” or “all good”…that’s lazy storytelling

I liked the turn of Tommy visiting the Berlin Wall…but I’m slightly biased agianst people who have their signif other just up and disappear on them and expect the other to sit and wait with baited breath…good for him that he moved on (also helped explain why Barlin was as nasty to Irisa at the barrier)

And the town’s acceptance of the E-Rep (aside of the human characters on the show being the only ones objecting), shows that people still look out for themself first and foremost…

…and now Datek’s back…business IS about to pick up…