Save Stargate Universe!

If you are a Stargate Universe fan, or just a Stargate fan that wants to save SGU from cancellation, here’s a great website with how to do it:

~Shooter Out

It’s all a nice idea and there is certainly some merit in trying to replace the funds provided by Syfy from another broadcaster or even two or three. It’s happened before both to keep shows being made (BSG, The 4400, Due South etc) and to bring shows back such as Primeval.

The problem of course which isn’t going to go away is the roughly 1 million live viewers which no broadcaster in the US would be happy about given the investment required. Space and SKY1 could easily live on those numbers but that’s a big chunk of change compared to the purchase price of just their respective markets rights.

I’ve great respect for the work MGM have done and Showtime/Syfy in bringing this franchise to the small screen but I still do not own SGU season 1 on disk because it’s ridiculously over priced and that’s all MGM.

Thanks for the info, Shooter. I am so bummed about SGU getting canceled. i will definitely check out the site.