RSS Feed?

I’m eager to subscribe to your podcast but I do not use iTunes. Do you offer an RSS feed for 3rd party podcast receivers?

On the blog page, scroll down a ways until you see “Chuck’s Blog” on the right side. Just to the left of that is the alternate feed links!

What Splatterson said. And welcome aboard.

Much thanks. The Alien episode looks like it’s going to be great. Downloading now!

hey guys, i have fully switched to Ubuntu Linux i think, i haven’t used Windows for a couple of weeks. thus i am having the same question as Beowolf.

Per suggestion i found the link

but it doesn’t seem to be working… is that the right rss link?

Yep. That’s it!

it’s weird, i can’t get my Rhythmbox to get the podcasts out of

It shows “Galactic Watercooler » Podcast” “Audra Heaslip, Chuck Cage, Sean O’Hara”

but no feed inside.

So i saw the direct download mp3 is hosted by, and figured maybe i can get that rss and grab the files, and i thought that rss would be

tho it seems to be the rss for the blog on libsyn, so i can only get podcast 85 @_@

even though i haven’t gotten my rss to work yet, but i am enjoying podcast 85 XD

You definely do not want to use the libsyn feed. We don’t support it and it won’t provide you access to the podcasts.

The address I confirmed above is correct. You may need to further configure your reader to make it work.