Rooming Thread

Thought this thread might be pertinent too in case GWCers want to shack up together at the hotel to cut down on costs.

I myself am curious if anyone’s got any open room slots.

This is an awesome idea, and it worked really well last year!

One note: This year’s rooms are a lot smaller than last year’s (and cheaper, too!), so I wouldn’t expect any success adding pull-out beds. That means you’re probably limited to two in a room, or four if you’re willing to share a bed.

just for info… i reserved a double queen room, and i am only 1 man :slight_smile: so there is an open queen bed if anyone in interested… pm or whatnot… cant wait for march

Yes it did, and I was going to volunteer my services as room coordinator, but as long as everyone is comfortable posting it all here this works just as well…

I haven’t booked a room, and don’t think I will be (already have a roomie or two offer), but it is a really good idea to try coordinate room sharing.

Rae: Didn’t want to get in the way of your coordination! If you’re willing I’d love for you to do it again. Your work last year – especially in organizing ride sharing – was incredible!

Anyway, if you’re up for it I’ll post it here and in the official info thread.

I am totally fine with it. I can gather the same info as last time - can keep a list of who has open spots in rooms, and when everyone is arriving and cells (for those who don’t mind) and stuff so rides can be coordinated…

So let see - DM me if you have a room you are willing to share, want to see who has rooms open. Even if you room is full and you just want to share flight info to see who is arriving when to share cars, or if you are willing to do airport runs if you are renting a car let me know that too. I will match people up (with everyone’s approval of course) as they come in. Any thing you feel I need to know.

Once you have your plane arrangements if you send me arrival time, airline and flight number I will track it all and about a week before the meet-up I will distribute the list to everyone via e-mail (cell numbers will only be sent if you want to include them, but if you are meeting people at the airport those numbers are invaluable).

I am coming down on Thursday (my Birthday :slight_smile: ), although I don’t have a flight yet. Not sure if I am renting a car, or if I am going to need a ride from the airport yet. Hopefully this year I won’t end up in Fort Worth first (and not it wasn’t because of the “lying bitch” that was Topgun’s GPS)…

Wait lemme get this straight. You went to a meet up to watch BSG. And you trusted a computer to navigate for you?


Also I’m probably coming in thursday as well

No, not at that time - we actually just had mapquest directions. But you see we were talking and think we missed a turn - which lead to us driving for a bit before we hit the city limits of Fort Worth. It was me, DawnAZ and Keara.

Then we couldn’t find the Rover (we were on foot mind you), with a call to Chuck, and talking to Sean we still didn’t find it. We were tired and went back to the hotel to wait for others. They took us to the Rover and we realized that if we had walked another 100 ft we would have seen it.

Now Topguns GPS - that was a WHOLE different story.

“Turn left. Turn left. Turn left.” … :smiley:

But there is no road where she wants us to turn :stuck_out_tongue:

I only had the pleasure of travelling with her once - but we needed the one on someone’s iPhone to actually find the place…

LOL wasn’t that Uchi in the backseat? That day pretty much sold me on the iPhone :slight_smile: And Uchi. :slight_smile:

Yes it was. I was actually in the back seat too. I think Rachel was with us too.

I am just a man with a toy in his pocket. IYKWIM

Talk about being sold on someone. I can’t count how many times we would look around to see Doug take off on yet another run to the airport and always excited to do so. A more giving generous person I can’t imagine but if I were to meet them it could only be at a GWCIM. :slight_smile:

Anyone still on the fence should not be, just do it…do it…do it!

:eek: I’m going to have nightmares for a long, long, time.

I think so. I do remember a trip from the hotel to the Rover with the four of us (Or was that Badger and Keara?) and Stroogie, too, but we wouldn’t have needed directions for that. Or was it on the way to Sweet Basil? I don’t know. Some of my memories from that weekend are so jumbled.

Yup, that’s our Doug! And I agree! It was one of the best weekends of my life!

I am just a man with a toy in his pocket. IYKWIM

snort And that’s our Uchi! :smiley:

If anyone has an extra bed to spare I’ll go in halfsies. PM me and I’ll send you my info.

Ditto to that. If anyone has a room slot, or want to collaborate on booking a room, ping me.

We could have found both the hotel and the Rover fine, it we weren’t so busy enjoying each other’s company! Great minds can only handle so much stimulation at one time.

That’s my story. :wink:

What’s that women have no sense of direction? Whaaaaaaaat who said that.

OK guys - I have one guy that needs a roomie for the meet-up. Any body out there that hasn’t told me they either need a roomie or have room in their room??

If someone who has had to back out has a room that is a double and someone who has a single and wouldn’t mind sharing maybe we can work something out.