Romeo and Juliet - A Geocaching love story

Once upon a time, there were two young Texas Travel Bugs who were madly in love: Romeo (TB2K1MW) & Juliet (TB2K1N0). Now, it was easy for all to see how much they cared for each other, as they were kissy-bears with magnetic noses! The couple had spent their lives together in East Texas when suddenly Romeo was called up by the U.S. Air Force and deployed to the far side of the world. Heartsick with longing for each other, the young couple tearfully separated and Romeo boarded the jet that would change his life. Romeo had promised his beautiful bride he would return, no matter the struggle, no matter the distance between them. True love waits and is patient and conquers all challenges. True love has faith.

Upon his arrival in Qatar, Romeo immediately set about getting home to his Juliet. As soon as he was able, he hopped into “Rockin’ the Deid” (GC1NCZP) and waited for someone to help him get home. He bravely muscled his way through the long, cold winter desert nights. He didn’t wait long, as he was picked up in days and found himself all the way around the world again in California, in one trip!

In Texas, meanwhile, Juliet longed for her man. She bided her time on horseback, fishing and taking care of home. One day, she decided she would explore the area around home. No plans to travel far, just a little sightseeing. She knew Romeo could find her; they were meant to be together. Her first stop was a baseball game “Homerun on 5” (GC18R18). From there, Juliet traveled through Texas, Utah and…California, in some place called “IE Cache Bash V” (GC1PBC4).

Months passed. With no communication, the lovers dreamed of reunion, determined to see each other again. How could they know they were so close, yet so far away from each other? Each silently waited and prayed.

One sunny California morning, a brand new geocacher on her very first hunt, found her very first cache “Bloodbath” (GC16YDH)! Inside, Romeo blinked at his sudden bright surroundings. Was this it? Had he been found again? He had! (Incidentally, Romeo & Juliet just happened to be the very first TBs ever released by their owners, Spad31) What Romeo couldn’t know was his love, Juliet, had been on an adventure of her own. In fact, she was only a few miles away! And…she’d been found only two days earlier and was safe! But Romeo couldn’t know these things, so he steeled himself for what was to come and thought of Juliet. He would find her; she promised she would wait for him. He loved her very much.

Juliet despaired. She hadn’t intended to leave Texas, but here she was, in the wrong direction from Romeo. Was he okay? Was he in danger? How could her Romeo find her now that she was so far from home? Would he think she left? She’d promised she’d wait and now…OH! She was so far from home! She didn’t know what to do and quietly wept and waited. Suddenly, she was picked up and found herself safe once again. Her hope bloomed as brightly as her desire for her man.

Now, in every good fairy tale, there is a fairy Godmother that shines a light for the hero to follow. This tale is no different. The brand new geocacher who found Romeo contacted his owner with pictures of Romeo enjoying the California sun. With that contact, a series of events were set in motion that would affect several lives.

As it happens, Romeo and Juliet, unbeknownst to each other, had found themselves only a few miles apart. A message from their owner to each of the cachers in possession of the couple allowed a meeting to be arranged.

On a fine, gorgeous California day in July of 2009, the cachers with Romeo & Juliet met and for the first time in almost 6 months, with ten thousand miles traveled between them and oceans, countries and continents crossed, Juliet finally pressed her little nose to Romeo’s, never to separate again.

And they lived happily ever after.


-Note, R&J were my wife’s and my first TBs. When we released them, we were naively hopeful they could meet, but didn’t imagine they actually would. I would like to sincerely thank Romeo’s finder, cacher OIM62 for contacting me, keeping him safe and returning the couple to us. R&J arrived back to us in Texas in late July, kissing, and surrounded by Romeo & Juliet performance ticket stubs, a photo album of each of their travels and their reunion, and an R&J tee-shirt, all in a nice painted tin box. We had so much fun with this. Caching is what brings people together (and magnetic-nose kissy bears!)