Robot Teacher


yeah…Im not at all creeped out by this…

I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t say: “What could possibly go wrong?”

The early models had rubber skin…

I can hear the drum beats now. Where the H3ll is Reese!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

They were easy to spot

I had the exact same thot when I watched it, but you beat me to it

From MSNBC: “8 robots that terrify us”

It’s a slide show describing 8 real robots, including the robot teacher. They are a little disturbing, since each one reminds you of a sci-fi story gone bad.

Well, I’m uncanny-valleyed right the frak out.

Reading the MSNBC link, I have to agree with most of these, especially the Big Dog and creepy toddler. But… pengborgs! How could anyone fear or hate pengborgs?

Am I the only one that thinks we have more to fear from pleasure-bots?

I, for one, welcome our pleasure-bot overlords.

Or underlords. Whatever works.

More uhoh

it’s been said before but bears repeating

…“What could POSSIBLY go wrong??”

Just caught this.
OK, I’m majorly creeped out.
Haven’t these people ever heard of CyberDyne or Cylons?