Robogeisha trailer: "It's like Transformers."

Robogeisha trailer:

Now this is some sh*t. That’s phrased ambiguously, partially because you’ll agree, whether you read it the good way or the bad way.

I couldn’t turn away. It got better and better. Fried Shrimp!! HA!!

Sean’s gotta love the pure badassery of female destructiveness.

Geisha Army!!

Yeah. I’m not gonna see that.

What, no Geisha Raptor? They got em transforming into tanks and building-climbing cars… I’m feeling slighted.

I got some yardwork needs doin’… can I get one of those Geisha Chainsaws at Home Depot?

Someone just made a “Fried Shrimp!” reference at work… I had to follow up with “Tengu Milk”!

Ah Robogeisha, you are eternal…

So if a woman with acid boobs comes out of the geisha what comes out of her is it like those russian dolls how many bad ass women are we talking about here


a katana came out of her (sorrybarb) :eek:

make it stop…

please let me unsee that…

please begging now…


I imagine when Jules Verne pondered the future of humanity, this is pretty much exactly what he thought about.

Also this:
You got your Geshia in my Robot!
You got your Robot in my Geshia!
Two great t…wait… no. There’s no more words for whatever that was.

You Watched It! You Can’t Unwatch It!

weeps silently in the corner

You can’t hide from Tengu Milk cowering in the corner.

…that was the craziest sentence i’ve typed for a long time

The question is whether it can top Tokyo Gore Police in straight out insanity