River Tam & the Fireflies: kids' album(but is it real?)

Details at…


Special musical surprise? The frak?

Love the cover (Wash on the washboard, groan.)

i wouldn’t mind watching a firefly animation in the style of the cover :stuck_out_tongue:

Dark Horse comics has done a series of Star Wars and Hellboy comics in “animated” style. I’d love to see a Firefly one.

But then again, I’d want to see any Firefly project.

Cuteness. :slight_smile:

Love the song names-

Nothin’ twixt my nethers. :smiley:

I swallowed a bug…

Aim to misbehave. :slight_smile:

Three flowers in a vase. (Obviously a Dollhouse reference)

I am a leaf on the wind…

OSSIM stuff!

I have to admit, I had trouble finding Mal in the cover art, just because his character is smiling.

…just imagine if Summer Glau were reading this right now and gave her 2 cents’ worth… sigh… :wink:

he was smiling when he was naked too

Oh, that is AWESOME! Look how adorable Jayne is with his lips.