Richard Hatch's Vision of BSG Remake

I knew he tried to get a remake going in '99, but I had not see any screens or videos. Well, here we go…

Personally, it’s not for me. I’m still trying to stomach my way through the original series (sorry to all of the old-school BSG peeps out there).

wow… there was a hell of a lot of production for somethin that didn’t go forward… way too over the top and Richard Hatch centric, lol

Looked pretty cool to me.

Well that was a good laugh.

Im glad its stuck in Richard’s head.

Actually, I thought it made the original series look kinda cool. If you read into what was supposed to go into that remake and what was supposed to go into the Brian Singer version you’ll find that a lot of the seeds for the new BSG were planted back in the late 90s push to try to continue the original series.

I’m still glad they went with the re-imagining, but this version had some potential.

At first glance RH in the top image looks like a young Colonel Gadafi. Hmmm.

I bet seeing a “re-imagined” BSG in production, over his effort must have been hard for Richard Hatch to swallow.

It took strength of character to play Zarek, and play him so excellently convincing.

It would been a sweet sequel to the OG series but nothing compared to the new one.

Hard to imagine any show coming close to the quality of BSG.
But I’d love to see it.

I saw him at D*C a few years ago and he had to admit that RDM’s vision was better than his. It pained him to say it, but there you go.

Wow, I’m impressed. That couldn’t have been easy.

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At the end of the day Richard Hatch is a class act and his passion for this material allowed him to endure and put his stamp on the reimagined series in such a way that will always be appreciated by fans of both series.

Thanks for reading.

Right, well said.

Is Apollo trying to outrun an exploding planet? :eek:

Why, thank you.

This was 2006 (I think) and it did pain him a bit to say it, but he was a charming and gracious speaker, very down to earth guy.

Welcome, Eternal Thompson Gunner. Great name.

I think RH written many novels on the TOS BSG universe and deeply entrenched in how TOS was. And it is hard for him to be willing to brek from some of the visual styles and concepts. That’s why RDM and the gang can take the show to the next level and RH couldn’t.

But without Richard Hatch’s efforts to revive BSG, there never would have been our new series. And like some one mentioned, a lot of early concepts of how the universe is like was already there in RH’s version.

It is kind of sad that new BSG doesn’t get high Nielsen ratings. Thus making it hard to justify the budget (hence a lot less massive space combat). That was essentially why TOS BSG was canceled and why it took so long to bring it back.

Yeah, I know the fans of BSG TiVos and watch through other forms of media. But still… had people watching it actually show up on Nielsen, I think not only the show would have been even better, we would get a lot more ground breaking shows to follow.

This is hard for me…

I made my feelings known in a live call but I’ll say so here.

First, I’m a teenager. So that’s out there.

Now I saw the TOS. I will admit there is some great ideas in it but it was ahead of it’s time. I will NEVER watch another show like the new BSG.
That said. I would not mind reading a story of Mr.Hatch’s that is based in this idea.

That’s all I’m going to say. :slight_smile: