Restorejosswhedonandhissmokinghotasskickingchicks. org



Just plain awesome! :smiley:

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(For those following at home: Restore Stephen Baldwin.)

I’ll take your TOTALLY AWESOME and add a SUPER AWESOME! :smiley:

(ATGreat said, in the middle of the Buffy - Angel Frak party)

Now that is an organization I can stand behind. Booyah.

First: WHAT THE F%&#*%?!?:mad:

All Glory to Joss!
(does this count as blasphemy?)

I just saw and posted this over on the howl with laughter folder. Should’ve looked here first. Good stuff, though.

I’m lovin’ it!

Awesome, if only people up above heed our plea.

That is frakkin pitiful. If it weren’t true, I would totally think that it was a scam or a joke.

Hey, Stephen, how ‘bout asking your frakkin blood for some frakkin help? Just cuz you’re Christian now I should lend you a hand. Just because you’re being ridiculed in Hollywood. Are you frakkin kiddin’ me? There are plenty of vocal Christians working in the biz. UGH!

The persecution they posted on the 'site was just sad. “He has been publicly ridiculed and insulted by people who think that he has been abandoned by God. A simple search through the internet will reveal that people not only mock Stephen, but mock God.” Um, no. Try poor career/life decisions. Comparing Stephen Baldwin to Job…I really…can’t…I don’t… It’s frakkin inconceivable!!

They honestly think “restoring” this man is a victory for God. I am so sad right now. What a frakkin mockery of charity. For shame!

Actually, last I heard nobody was entirely sure if that was an endorsed site.

That said, All Glory To Joss!!!1

Wait, they’re comparing him to JOB? I thought they meant GOB!


ILLUSIONS! A trick is something a whore, or Stephen Baldwin, does for money.

The Howard Stern Show ran the original video very heavily about two weeks ago. I’m pretty sure that brought a whole lot of negative attention to the original and is part of the reason that it went “private”.

Now this video on the other hand is friggin’ sa-weeeeet!!!1

Now that is a group I can get behind!

That was fraking awesome!