Rest of the world

I’d like to see a podcast arc of genre films in languages other than English. Three off the top of my head are “The Devil’s Backbone” from Spain, “Let the Right One In” from Sweeden, and “The Host” from South Korea.

What’s that B&W film where the guy plays chess with the grim reaper ?

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Uh man I just read an article about that movie a fee months ago. What the frak is the name again. I know it was a film from Europe.

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The Seventh Seal.

Pretty sure it’s Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey duder

Woody Allen’s Love and Death.


Diva. (google it)

That would be The Seventh Seal by Ingmar Bergman. Another selection could be Solaris from 1972 filmed in the Soviet Union

Pan’s Labyrinth
Night Watch
Godzilla (take your pick)

First Spaceship On Venus. Czechoslovakia (Soviet era)

Or Non anime Japanese Sci Fi Movies.


if you’re not too busy take the 25 minutes and enjoy :slight_smile:


and this would fall under the ‘ultra cool’ label of all things in this world or the next :slight_smile:

not scifi … but cool … forgive me.

Ok, this is kind of a segue of the “rest of the world” idea; but I’ve always dreamed of a GWC 'cast where the crew speak in their natural Texan/Chicagoan/rural New York/Milwaukee/Canadian-from-Victoria accents! :slight_smile:

There was a podcast for Terminator fans some time back, called Skynext podcast, where the hosts were from the South. Their warm, charming personalities grew on you the more you listened to the show. It would be fun to hear our GWC crew speak as they do at home :slight_smile:

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