resonating whedon

Okay I’m about to start. My own personal angel rewatch. And it got me thinking which whedon character resonated with you most, and why?

For me it took some thought, I mean I know who I am most like, the character I most liked watching, but. Which one really hit home… after some internal debate.

I ended up with drusilla, I’m not entirety sure why, guess its the slightly strange outsider thing that appeals… but there is something more

Last weekend I finished seven years of Buffy in 4 months and have to say Spike, after his re-soul-ing.

Sure he did a lot of bad things in his time and it’s hard to burn off that much karma in a few years but I think he totally pulled it off.

His dedication to Buffy was not the result of the love of a man for a woman, but the love of a human for another human. He loves her for who/what she is and the type of person she is, not for her naughty bits. Though he’s fond of them too!

Anyway, this is the way people should treat each other but rarely do, with dedication, honor, and respect.

Also, I’m WAY impressed that he actually EARNED his soul back, unlike Angel who has his soul as the result of a curse.

I could go on about why Spike is awesome and why he’s a better human than most humans (even though he’s a vampire) but am afraid of posting spoilers.

Xander is a close second. He wasn’t too exciting for me throughout the series, and dumping Anya at the altar was douchey thing to do, but his speech to Dawn about being the “normal guy” in one of the final episodes brought him up a few notches in my book.

" All these secrets you’ve been concealin’, say you’re happy now, once more with feelin’. "

Out of ALL his shows (which might be an impossible feat) or just from Angel?

With Firefly I guess it would have been Wash, he was mildy geeky, highly skilled at his job and loyal to his wife. He was not macho but was great to have in a pinch because he always came through.

On Buffy I vacillated between Xander and Willow, they were both geeky, lovable and loyal friends.

Wesley until he went dark. Then, Gunn after he got lawyer knowledge until he got addicted to it.

I guess Willow (until she went witchy) and Fred (until she became Illyria) to some extent too.

I’m like Xander I think…maybe a little Wash too.

Course I’m bad at this stuff…usually it’s someone else that says “nah, you’re totally (fill in the blank)”

Oz with a bit of Wash. Or maybe the other way 'round.

Oz was indeed ossim. I still miss the furball.

It is hard. Part of me says Willow because she was the first queer lady I saw on TV besides Ellen and I loved her before that story line and it was just the time in adolescence when having that recognition of my kind of existence was especially resonant.

Part of me says Zoe. I might use my brain as my weapon more often than my fists or my guns, but I think I am a warrior woman.