Removing the gun

I just rewatched Serenity the movie, because it was on TV… some movie channel aired it, with Chinese sub-title and everything. And since it is letterbox and on a bigger screen, I noticed one thing that i never payed attention to before.

When they were almost done fixing up Serenity, the last thing they did was Mal and Jayne removing the gun that they installed in Haven.

even after all they just went through, they still rather not have the ship gun. I think that short few seconds of the gun being hoisted away says a lot about Mal, the ship and the character of the show. And I loved it.

The ship Serenity is one of the rarities that doesn’t have ship gun out of all those scifi shows.

Plus they’re not a military vessel, it’s probably illegal for them to rock a gun and/or it’d make jobs harder

that didn’t stop Solo :stuck_out_tongue:

True, but consider how they think of Serenity.

She’s not just a ship; she’s their home.

yeah, consider the kind of space they are in, with the ship robbers and reavers, you’d think it’d a good idea for ship guns.

Problem with that specific gun was that they’d need to be outside in a spacesuit (and therefore more exposed to enemy fire) to use it. At least, if I remember the movie correctly. Been a while since I watched it.

yeah, that’s true. but they can always sale that one and get one that can be operated from the inside, or have Kayle rig some bungees…

Interesting discussion guys: Why remove the gun when it has intrinisic value, especially in their line of business. Besides the logistics of a gun being mounted outside I think there is something more fundamental here.

There is a specific choice being made here which isn’t in alignment with the character’s actions. Everyone is packing heat or has held a gun or in the movie, so they are not making a point of pacifism. Mal kicks guys into the engine and shoots unarmed Alliance officers. Yet they make a specific point about showing us they remove the gun from the ship. Why? Badger has already spoke to it: Serenity is not a ship. It is their home. Two quotes and a definition help flesh this out from Out of Gas:

MAL: I tell ya, Zoe, we find ourselves a mechanic, get her running again. Hire a good pilot. Maybe even a cook. Live like real people. Small crew, them as feel the need to be free. Take jobs as they come – and we’ll never be under the heel of nobody ever again. No matter how long the arm of the Alliance might get, we’ll just get ourselves a little further.

SALESMAN: I tell you what, you buy this ship, treat her proper,
she’ll be with ya for the rest of your life.

Definition of the word “Serenity”: the state or quality of being serene, calm, or tranquil; sereneness.

Mal purchases the ship as a reaction to the war, a war he fought in as a volunteer on the side of those wanted to live free. The side he fought for abandoned the fight leaving him flapping. The purpose of the ship isn’t trade, or smuggling or fighting, its purpose is freedom. If his purpose is survival he finds himself on the same path of the ship that finds Serenity adrift lacking a catalsyer and shoots Mal as a means to an end. He could arm himself to the teeth and the only thing that would accomplish is escalation and becoming something he is not: a brute and a thief. He is neither…at least his image of himself is not. Serenity is the personification of his view of the man he wants to be, the jobs he takes are simply his way of accompishing his goal: Be free.

ah, well said, sir. i can’t imagine it being put any better than that.

damn I miss this frakkin show…

Absolutely. Serenity is the personification Mal, who accepts both the peaceful and the forceful solution to any issue, whichever is the most advantageous.

The question is: does having the gun open more doors than it closes? Mal is the most pragmatic of captains (especially in Serenity), and if a gun on the roof of the ship opens more doors than it closes, then he (and the rest of the crew) will consider it an advantage, irregardless as to whether they intend to use it (see the start of The Train Job).

going along with the how helpful would a gun be to serenity, i suppose if they want to fly under the radar, having a standard looking old and busted firefly definitly is a plus. Modifying the exterior with a giant shipgun probably defeats the purpose.

but i don’t think there’s anything stopping them from mounting similar guns to Vera from inside the ship and still be extremely effective for hostile situations.

Mal shot unarmed Alliance officers? When?! I cannot recall this!

Oh. Naturally, I would remember the Operative, who claims himself to be unarmed.

Mal says something like, “Good.” and shoots him. Okay.

But the Operative is still dangerous without a gun. :smiley:

On Haven, after Book & his people had been massacred, a lone Alliance soldier appears out of the ship Shepherd shot down. Mal shoots him. Don’t believe Alliance Guy was armed.


In the head no less

The guy was working on a ship that just committed a massacre, of women and children no less.

And the crew have very little time to get their ship in shape to pass through Reaver space before the rest of the Alliance comes after them.

It was pretty much war (if there’s a massacre, it’s war). I think it was within the bounds of war time behavior, because even though Mal did not give him a chance to surrender, the guy did not surrender, so too bad. maybe next life he can find it in his heart to be on a ship that doesn’t murder women and children.

Not disputing Mal’s action. Simply trying to find the incident that fit the reference.

Biggest reason I can think of to remove the gun? It’s kinda hard to smuggle with a BFG mounted atop the ship. Sure, Serenity marks the beginning of a major change in the 'verse, but I’d say the crew’s hard times are definitely coming to a middle during the flick.

Reminds me of the “unmarked police car” in Running Scared. :slight_smile: