Posts becoming corrupted

I have been having problems with posts I have pasted from Word Doc’s, they paste fine into the text editor but when you save it and it posts the submission the punctuation turns into gobbledygook.

I never have this problem until a week ago. And I have seen other peoples posts are turning up the same way. I even went back to do some research for the RPG and when I looked back at some of my posts from as far back as October I saw that some of them now have become corrupted as well. I am assuming this must have happened when you transferred over to the new server, because they were fine before. I am now going to have to go back and clean these all up so they are readable.

It has been a real pain posting and then going back to fix them again.

I see what you’re talking about.

Paging Obi-Juan, you’re our only hope.

This is due to changes in the latest version of our forum and supporting software. We’ll likely see a fix for this in an update down the road, but for now there’s little we can do about it (unfortunately).

I’ve found that pasting from Word into most web applications can prove problematic. I generally paste first into something that strips out all the extra junk MS passes along, then paste into the final location. (Notepad works well on the PC, or TextEdit on the Mac, for example.)

Omra, do you have the original Word doc file? Perhaps you can follow Chuck’s advice and paste into notepad or textedit, then paste into the forum post.

I haven’t seen “post corruption” like this since the GalaxyRanger days. IYKWIM :smiley:

No I try not to clog up my drives with too many word doc’s, I try to keep only my own personal ongoing novels and short storys on my computer.

I have been spending the last two days repairing posts by hand since I knew it would be impossible for anyone else to interpret them. The only other problems I have ever had with word-to-html translation is that you have to manually add any ‘bold’, ‘italic’ and so forth because they never transfer over from the original document. That is just the norm I have no problem with that, in fact I don’t even bother adding them on the original doc’s out of sheer habit because it is a wasted effort. But this is a new one on me:confused:.

Thank God GWC doesn’t have the issue that some other sites have with the page in the text editor window jumping up and down if you type below the default window. That is truly maddening!!!:smiley:

This I can deal with, it is just time consuming. Thank you for the prompt feedback!


I have updated the forum to correct this issue. Please let us know if you are having any further issues. (PM or email juan at galacticwatercooler dot com)

Thank you.