Post Captain America Winter Soldier Agents of SHIELD

We watched the last episode last night and looked at each other and I went "you know its a damn shame this show had to tread water until after ol’Cap came out because it’s been DAMNED GOOD and I’m massively enjoying the fallout and aftermath as SHIELD scurries to put it all back together…I just keep waiting on Fury to pop up on the show now too

Ward turning never really bothered me either…he always seemed kinda expendable to the team since May was a badass too and everyone else had a unique skill set aside of him being basically a “Male May” in essence…anyone who bailed on this show should give it a try once they’ve seen Winter Soldier!

It got better before Winter Soldier came out, it’s just that Winter Soldier has such a massive impact on SHIELD as a whole that it couldn’t help having a big impact on the show. I liked Yes Men and one or two others more than this week’s episode.

Oh I agree, I just feel it kicked into high gear once the movie came out…shame we had all those breaks and filler episodes to keep us busy till then, they lost a LOT of people along the way I’d bet…I’m happy I stayed with it!

Yes, they lost people. Even on this forum it seems.

But the show is becoming COOL! It’s becoming the show it could have been. With the renewal, I hope there’ll be tighter integration and there won’t be another season where we’re waiting around for Avengers and Ant-Man to come out.

I’m excited for Agent Carter series, if they let Joss Whedon do it and let it be Whedon-esque. Female superspy, pwning men. Yes. It could be the Wonder Woman that he never got to make.

To be fair, this forum lost people.

I’m still around, ECHO, ECHo, ECho, Echo, echo.

I am glad the show is kicking into high gear. The twists are making the episodes so much better. I now really hate Agent Fake-Pants, way to go show writers.

Heya Gang,

Shooter, who was faithfully posting the episode recaps of AoS, is now running his own SHIELD podcast with a couple of other GWC alum (AwsmEngGirl and Rummy). He’s over on the GonnaGeek network under his other alias Stargate Pioneer. The GonnaGeek forums are kinda empty, but there’s lots of good feedback on the show via twitter and emails to the Legends of Shield crue. Check out the cast over at


Jamie’s 2nd job schedule has been nasty of late…so it’s taken us later in the week to get caught up on the episodes…but damn I’m ready for the season finale, the dialogue is getting better two…between the TARDIS joke, and crap…there was some line from the last epsiode I almost fell off the couch from but its escaping me now…

“Large file transfer” maybe? :smiley:

Oh yeah…that was it :smiley:

…well played…that was the funniest thing I’ve seen on TV in a LONG time!