Poor Philomon

I knew youd be the Billy of Caprica, but dead already?
The Galacticaverse just has it out for these guys.

Yeah, I liked that character. :frowning:

the red shirt? Honest. There was a red shirt.

Still, I’d’ve preferred he lived. But now there’s nothing to keep the from from starting!

I had pegged him as more the Topher type actually. But either way, it sucked to see him go.

And look how that turned out for him. :eek:

He might come back. Sister Clarice talks about the virtual heaven. I can’t stop thinking that the One True God will be linked to resurrection. Since Zoe is the ghost in the machine, I don’t see why he couldn’t come back.

Philo, we hardly knew ya. So sad…

Now do you see the dangers of having sex with toasters?

Yeah but Helo and Baltar made it all the way to Earth having sex with toasters.

So the trick is to make sure you sleep with more than one to ensure survival?

Baltar: 3++ (lives)
Helo: 2 (lives)
Starbuck: 1 (dies, though returns as an angel)
Adm. Cain: 1 (dies)

Who am I missing?

If you push your plunger down you pop up burned.

Philomon…well…it makes one wonder if he was a distant antecedent of Cally. After all, Zoe was purely channeling the Tori Foster character in throwing him around.

You speak from experience?