Poll: Rad Genre Women With Buzzcuts


In honor of Mad Max: Fury Road…

Who’s the best genre woman with a buzzcut?

Imperator Furiosa?


Eve from V for Vendetta?

Or other?

Intentionally vague question; use whatever criteria you want.


Think I gotta go with Ripley.

Haven’t seen Fury Road yet, so I may change my mind,
but I doubt it.


I’ve seen Fury Road three times. Twice in 2D, once in 3D. Which I could usually care less about, but it’s great. I’m going to go a fourth time if I get a minute. It’s that good.


Wow - I see you liked it !!

Hope to see it this weekend.


Does this count?


I saw Fury Road this weekend.
And gotta say I was impressed with Furiosa, cool character.

Best genre woman with a buzzcut?
Gonna stick with Ripley !