Podcast super-archive?


Not an issue, but also not a forum suggestion.

Is there any chance we could get a super-archive of all of the podcasts? I’d love to go back and listen to GWC but going through several dozen pages and downloading them all individually sounds like a good way to get muscle spasms and probably miss downloading a few.

I understand it’d be a fairly large file and might be more time than anyone wants to spend on it, but if anyone still over there could do this (maybe in 50 or 100 podcast chunks?) it would be really awesome.


I second this motion if all possible. I’d love to go back and hear the stuff I missed.


I’m trying to download all of them as a personal archive, but I’m not seeing download links with the new site design.


They’ve embedded the podcast on the entries now it appears. So on the blog page listing the podcasts for the GWC podcast there is a Date bar below the blog entry. On the far right of that bar there is a headphones image, right click on it and you can save the podcast using the “save link as” option.