Please Report Junk Mail

ugh, so sorry 'bout having to “report” this…

i’m getting “junk mail” sent here on my Private Messages.

anyone else? how can this be avoided/blocked/airlocked?..

I have Private Messages disabled on my account. I can re-enable such later but for now I have left it off. Such prevents needing to think about airlocking bots…

yeah, I got one too, a couple weeks ago. it made me sad. I thought someone really wanted to talk to me!

Everyone, please PM me or Sean with any such occurrences and we’ll handle 'em. You definitely don’t have to disable PMs for this sort of thing – we’ll airlock spammers as they’re not a part of our community anyway.

Sorry for the hassle.

Update: I mod-changed the title so it’d make sense and stickied it so everyone will see this going forward. Hope you don’t mind!

I got a PM from someone saying she was new here and had a web address attached to the message. I responded saying hi, and I never heard from this person again. I don’t know if that counts.

I also sent out a few PM’s to those who said they had Razor early asking how to get it…home no one thought I was junking them.

Same here Cav…was from Jennette or some name similar. I responded too then then came the “DOH! I’ve been spammed” thought. So I deleted the message.

From now on, just forward the PM to me (via PM, of course), and I’ll handle it. If it’s from a long-time GWCer, we’ll clear up the confusion. If it’s from someone new (and on purpose) – or is an ad for Viagra – they’re history.

What if someone of the forum would appreciate getting ads for Viagra? Not that any GWC’ers would, of course, but you never know… :wink:

Yup, I got a spam PM from a Jennette somethng or other a couple weeks ago.
Spam is a pain…
…but if Audra were to spam me, well, she is so cool, that I would proabably buy whatever she’s sellin’

Sadly…or ironically, Audra PMed me just the other day with an ad to buy Spam. What are the odds?

Gryper…yep same here from Jennette. Had the same thought but since my answer to her/him/it was so basic I just let it go.

Well per Chuck’s message, we can just send all spam to him. And he’ll get the spammers.

Wait a minute…would that make us all spammers too? We’d be spamming Chuck with our spam.

Spam. Spam. Spam. Spam. Baked Beans and Spam!