Playing Podcasts on iPad

Ever since upgrading to ios5 on me iPad y’all podcasts won’t play properly. It sounds like it is playing @ 1/2 speed and there is a feedback echo. I thot it was just your stuff but then I downloaded and tried to listen to Tom Wilson’s ‘Big Pop Fun’ and it has the same issue.

Is anyone else having issues listening to podcasts on the iPad?

I frequently listen to podcasts via iPad. But only once so far since iOS 5 (Nerdist). Didn’t notice any difference than normal. But i’ll listen more closely next time.
You have iPad 1, coorect? (as do I)

Looking forward to BIg Pop Fun by the way.

There’s a playing-speed button on the corner right somewhere… Try all the buttons until you find it & set it to playback at normal speed.

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Yes iPad 1.

They took that feature away in ios 5. You cannot listen at different speeds now. I really miss that feature. It used to cut podcast listening time in half.

The crue used to sound like caffeinated junkies. Now they sound drunk and locked in a oil drum.

This link says: you have to reset the “settings” for the entire ipad :frowning:

Thanks Uchi Coochie. Alrighty. Researching now.

That totally did it. Thankee.