Person of Interest

Anybody catch the premiere of Person of Interest last week?


I really liked it. Ben Linus and The Prisoner vs. Predeterminism.

I’m willing to go on another journey with JJ Abrams. Are you?

Yep, I’ve watched it as well since it has a great premise and Ben Linus…come on! Everything with him is watch-worthy. The show has to prove itself how it’ll fare on the longer run though.

I frakkin missed it. BTW, I passed Michael Emerson on the street on Monday. I totally choked, though. He was keeping his eyes front and I was trembling with excitement. I was on the phone with my wife. “I just passed Benjamin Linus.” My wife asked, “Did you make eye contact?” My reply, “No. I’m scared of Ben. Uh-huh. Ben scares me.”

This has become one of my fave new shows. Loving it.

Me too. I think it is missing something though. It has very little emotion in it. All of the investment in the characters is bound up in the mystery surrounding them. I want to see some mythology built in too. Like if someone discovers what they’re up to and turns off the nightly feed or plants their own social security numbers in there or something. Also, I wonder if their actions are messing with the machines learning algorithms. I.e. is it getting worse at predicting violence because of a lack of positive reinforcement? Will there ever be an actual terrorist attack that they have to thwart? That is what the machine is for.

It’s early days yet

I am really enjoying this show as well. I was meh on it until I saw the pilot a few weeks ago. The pilot was great. Right up Sean’s alley I would think.

But, I looked for this thread under “Non-Science Fiction”. If this is SF, then the standards for my beloved genre have eroded far too much! It was different when I was a kid! We had deep snow, miles to walk to school, sack lunches, and spacemen. :wink:

I’m watching a Season 1 marathon (episodes 1-22) on WarnerTV now!

I love the banter between Reese & Finch, while nowhere near the level of Gilmore Girls, is still fun & entertaining.

Like the odd comments here and there Reese makes about his boss’ eccentricities to the POI of the week.

There’s one line Finch makes in episode 118 which is gold(!), “I’d be first in line [to buy a novel], but meandering exposition is kind of my thing” This is definitely a 5th-wall wink to the audience in relation to “Lost”

Nice find…there were some other LOST references like an advertisement for Oceanic Airlines if I remember correctly.

I just caught up to this show recently and had the fortune to watch my first live episode last night S02E11 2piR. This is definitely a great find and a worthy replacement for me for Fringe. I’m loving the cohesion of all the characters and how they have been intertwined unknowingly in the past. I’m loving the AI (aka “The Machine”) showing that it is sentient too this season. I expect to see the machine learning about it’s boundaries more and more as the show goes on.

Is anyone else still watching this amazing show? Each episode is riveting and the overall story arc is amazing.

~Shooter Out

Seen it since day one.

It is part of my Thursday ritual.

Another thing I love about this show is there simply isn’t a bad character and any character is always fair game to not only return but become an integral part of the overall show arc. This is quickly rising up in my top 10 shows of all time.

Also watching it since last season, due to Michael Emerson being on it after LOST.

Yeah, I also enjoy it a lot and after a few standalone episodes in S1 they are gradually building a bigger mythology.

I wonder what really happened to Goodw…oh meant Nathan. Had another slip up there. :wink: #AlwaysTwoThereAre

Who’s caught up in here to Season 2 Episode 16 “Relevance”?

I think it’s interesting in this week’s episode, Proteus, how the machine is not functioning as normal. Could the code that Kara placed in the grid be effecting the machine? Is Root responsible? Is the machine growing in its own awareness? Could the machine be experiencing hardware failure?

Harold seems to think its a virus implanted by Kara which is the most likely explanation at the moment. But Im not ruling anything else out.

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“Skynet IS the virus!”

  • John Connor, Rise of the Machines

I asked Solai to create a specific subthread for Person Of Interest. I came to the show in the middle of Season 1 and have been enjoying it emensely. There is a lot to discuss with the show and I wanted to bring soem more formality to it here in GWC. How is The Machine Evolving? Who is really behind Northern Lights? How exactly does China fit in? How exactly will the relationships evolve between Harold, John, Root, Shaw, Fusco, Carter, and Elias?

As I stated, lots to discuss. I intend to rewatch the entire series to date and will post episode specific threads as I go along. Each episode thread will be able to contain spoliers up to that point in the series. As Person Of Interest comes back for season 3 I will be posting episode specific threads real-time with the series.

I’m assuming Season 3 will start either September 17th, 2013 or September 24th, 2013. In order to catch up with the series in 17-18 weeks with 45 episodes already aired I’ll try a 3 episode a week schedule starting next week. I will be taking a week or two off around the 4th of July so that timeframe should match up pretty well with the start of season 3.

Please join in the discussion on Person Of Interest and expand your enjoyment of the show!