Person Of Interest Episode 3.10 The Devil's Share**** SPOILERS ****

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A badly-wounded Reese goes on the hunt for Officer Simmons, seeking vengeance for what he did to Carter, and Finch tries to locate his friend before he succumbs to his injuries. Finch and Fusco trace Reese’s trail of destruction until they find Shaw interrogating a forger that Simmons hired to get him a new identity and passport. Shaw explains that Reese beat her to the forger, beat him badly for information, but still could not get a confirmed location for Simmons. The forger tells them that only Alonzo Quinn would know Simmons’ escape plan, but Quinn is being held in a secret location by a large cadre of armed Federal Agents. Left with no other option, Finch frees Root from her Faraday cage and allows the Machine to contact her, ultimately leading them to Quinn’s location. When they arrive, they discover that Reese has already blasted his way through the guards and is mere seconds away from killing Quinn, but Finch talks him down and Reese passes out from blood loss. Despite Quinn giving up Simmons’ escape plan, Finch opts not to pursue him, but Fusco has another idea. Fusco catches up to Simmons at Teterboro Airport, goes one-on-one with him in a fistfight, and arrests the dirty cop once and for all.

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Part 2 of the “HR” story arc. After capturing HR head Alonzo Quinn in the previous episode, Reese and Carter are trekking across town to deliver him to the FBI. Officer Simmons alerts both HR and several criminal groups of Reese’s identity, so his means of moving across the city become limited. After fighting several thugs and corrupt police officers working for HR, the trio breaks into the city morgue. Meanwhile, Fusco is captured by HR while relaying information to Carter; he is subsequently tortured by Simmons and an accomplice, Detective William Petersen (Lee Tergesen), who now have the key to Carter’s safe deposit box but don’t know the location. After refusing to give the location of the safe deposit box containing damning evidence against HR, Simmons sends one of his men to kill Fusco’s son. Shaw, anticipating that move, breaks into Fusco’s house and kills the gunman, saving the child. Eventually, Fusco frees himself by breaking his own thumb to get free of the handcuffs and kills Petersen. Holed up in the morgue, Reese and Carter bond and Reese surprisingly shows his true feelings for her by kissing her. Suddenly, a group of HR cops infiltrates the morgue and shut off the power, trapping Reese, Carter and an unconscious Quinn in the room. Reese distracts Carter and leaves via an airduct in an attempt to distract the corrupt cops while Carter flees to the FBI with Quinn. Reese manages to kill all but one of the HR cops, and leads the final one out onto the street. Finch organizes for two honest policemen to arrest Reese as a means of escape from HR. During this time, Carter breaks free of the room and manages to bring Quinn to FBI Headquarters in Lower Manhattan. The episode skips forward to a news report revealing that Quinn was charged with multiple offenses and HR was disbanded with the exception of a few rogue officers, one of those being the now-fugitive Simmons. The episode skips forward once again to Carter walking up the steps of her station’s entrance (now once again promoted to detective), but is stopped by Reese. The two talk, and Reese expresses his gratitude that Carter was with him in the morgue. Finch is parked down the street and is waiting for Reese, and a nearby payphone starts ringing. Finch freezes to go answer it, and Simmons suddenly appears from down the street and opens fire on Reese and Carter, hitting Reese in the shoulder and chest and Carter in the heart. Simmons is shot by Carter as she falls, but he is merely wounded and escapes. Both severely injured from the attack, Reese holds Carter in his arms as she begins to lose consciousness. She makes Reese promise to take care of her son, and dies. Reese attempts to hold back tears as Finch stares on in shock and the payphone continues to ring unanswered.

Please use this thread to discuss the series’ fifty-fifth overall and third season tenth episode The Devil’s Share. Rule: Please keep spoilers limited to those revealed during the series up to this episode only.

I honestly thought the show would be taking a sidestep after killing off Carter last week. I was wrong. The series rebounded with perhaps it’s best episode of the entire series yet.

First thing is first. The entire opening funeral sequence for Carter was amazing. The music (which was amazingly unique to this episode but worked oooohhh soooo weeelllll) was perfect. Maybe I missed seeing her but I expected to see Zoe at the funeral and didn’t. Shaw disappearing in the middle of the funeral and The Machine calling Harold afterwards with Simmons’ number was perfect. THE MACHINE even wanted Simmons dead.

Shaw and Reese breaking their own rules to find out where Simmons is was satisfying after last week. And a little surprising that Shaw was so far behind Reese. But it all worked out. Between Reese, Shaw and Root I’m not sure who exactly is the most dangerous.

I loved the quartet of interview flashbacks from 2005 to 2010 with Finch, Reese, Shaw and Fusco. DOCTOR Shaw. Amazing. Well done, well placed, well integrated with the story. To go over grief and survivors guilt and responsibility with Finch in 2010 to DOCTOR Shaw not having any feelings in 2005 to Reese hunting out the CIA mole and killing him in 2007 to Fusco being helped through a shooting in 2005 and finding out he was a sick son of a bitch and believed in The Devil’s Share.

Shaw advocates to let Root out. Sort of like a break glass in case of war tool to use. She is amazing to watch work. I just hope she stays on Harold’s side through whatever is coming. That end to the episode was actually pretty amazing to watch.

It was good to see Reese try to kill Quinn. And it was also good to see that he was out of bullets and couldn’t.

Fusco turns into the big bad hero here. He single handedly secured Quinn and arrested Simmons. Plus he is the one who states “The Devil’s Share.”

And it was absolutely fitting that Elias killed Simmons. Carter choose her friends and associates wisely.

If you haven’t checked out the series yet, you should. JJ Abrams does amazing work with this type of show. I’m excited to see the second half of the season and the battle with the government and the other organization.

Well, technically Elias only gave the order since he just wants to watch and not to make his hands dirty. :wink:

But you are correct, now with HR gone this show can focus more on the theme of the Machine’s AI tendencies and how different parties try to gain control over it.