Person Of Interest Episode 3.09 The Crossing **** SPOILERS ****

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Reese and Carter drag a wounded Alonzo Quinn away from a gunfight with HR and head for the Federal Building to turn him over to the FBI. Finch informs them that Reese’s number has come up, and that Simmons distributed Reese’s photo to every dirty cop, gangbanger, and hired thug in the city, putting a massive bounty on his head. Undeterred, Reese continues to help Carter bring Quinn closer and closer to the Federal Building, dodging HR roadblocks and armed thugs at every turn. Eventually, Reese and Carter are cornered in the City Morgue, and HR kills the power in the entire block, cutting them off from all contact with Finch. Reese sneaks away to lure the dirty cops away from Carter, who then finds an alternate route out of the morgue with Quinn before the remaining hitmen can get to her. Carter turns Quinn over to the Feds, and Finch has Reese arrested by two cops with no ties to HR to put him out of harm’s way.

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Part 2 of the “HR” story arc. After capturing HR head Alonzo Quinn in the previous episode, Reese and Carter are trekking across town to deliver him to the FBI. Officer Simmons alerts both HR and several criminal groups of Reese’s identity, so his means of moving across the city become limited. After fighting several thugs and corrupt police officers working for HR, the trio breaks into the city morgue. Meanwhile, Fusco is captured by HR while relaying information to Carter; he is subsequently tortured by Simmons and an accomplice, Detective William Petersen (Lee Tergesen), who now have the key to Carter’s safe deposit box but don’t know the location. After refusing to give the location of the safe deposit box containing damning evidence against HR, Simmons sends one of his men to kill Fusco’s son. Shaw, anticipating that move, breaks into Fusco’s house and kills the gunman, saving the child. Eventually, Fusco frees himself by breaking his own thumb to get free of the handcuffs and kills Petersen. Holed up in the morgue, Reese and Carter bond and Reese surprisingly shows his true feelings for her by kissing her. Suddenly, a group of HR cops infiltrates the morgue and shut off the power, trapping Reese, Carter and an unconscious Quinn in the room. Reese distracts Carter and leaves via an airduct in an attempt to distract the corrupt cops while Carter flees to the FBI with Quinn. Reese manages to kill all but one of the HR cops, and leads the final one out onto the street. Finch organizes for two honest policemen to arrest Reese as a means of escape from HR. During this time, Carter breaks free of the room and manages to bring Quinn to FBI Headquarters in Lower Manhattan. The episode skips forward to a news report revealing that Quinn was charged with multiple offenses and HR was disbanded with the exception of a few rogue officers, one of those being the now-fugitive Simmons. The episode skips forward once again to Carter walking up the steps of her station’s entrance (now once again promoted to detective), but is stopped by Reese. The two talk, and Reese expresses his gratitude that Carter was with him in the morgue. Finch is parked down the street and is waiting for Reese, and a nearby payphone starts ringing. Finch freezes to go answer it, and Simmons suddenly appears from down the street and opens fire on Reese and Carter, hitting Reese in the shoulder and chest and Carter in the heart. Simmons is shot by Carter as she falls, but he is merely wounded and escapes. Both severely injured from the attack, Reese holds Carter in his arms as she begins to lose consciousness. She makes Reese promise to take care of her son, and dies. Reese attempts to hold back tears as Finch stares on in shock and the payphone continues to ring unanswered.

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Whoa!!! I did NOT see that coming! RIP Detective Carter and major kudos to Taraji P. Henson for the excellent job she did playing the detective. You will be sorely missed.

If a main character in this show had to be written out, I can’t imagine a better job:

  • The romantic interest between Carter and Reese
  • The callbacks to episode 1
  • Hopefully the conclusion of the HR arc (with Simmons going out next time hopefully)

It’s unfortunate that Carter’s romantic interest with Ian Murphy won’t be revisited though. And her last scene with the phone ringing forever in the background says it all.

So after a brief absence we see Root again and we learn more about The Machine’s relationships with both Root and Harold. In fact I’ll have to blame Carter’s death directly on Harold and his refusal to let Root talk to The Machine. It’s beginning to seem more and more like Harold is wrong and Root is right but what is really interesting is that the Machine hasn’t chosen either side. The Machine has not approved of Harold’s imprisonment nor disapproved of Harold’s imprisonment of Root. I’m guessing The Machine will have to choose sooner or later.

Shaw and Fusco have more than a moment, I’d say. In fact, I’d say that their relationship is going the way Reese and Carter’s did. Hopefully we won’t lose one or the other. Shaw chose wisely to protect Fusco’s son. This will NOT be forgotten between the two of them. Fusco’s one tough SOB to have four fingers broken, brake his own thumb and then choke the bastard to death. Remind me not to ever upset him.

Elias sat this one out, we haven’t seen Zoe in a while, the government has been silent since Mors Praematura and there hasn’t been any movement on the Vigilance front in three episodes either. There are definitely major arcs to revisit.