Person Of Interest Episode 3.06 Mors Praematura **** SPOILERS ****

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Reese and Finch must protect Timothy Sloan, an estate investigator searching for clues about who murdered his foster brother, Jason Greenfield. The official cause of death for Jason was a heroin overdose, but Sloan refuses to believe it, especially since Greenfield was a renowned computer hacker and had made some powerful enemies as of late. Finch manages to decrypt a nearly destroyed flash drive and learns that Greenfield was involved with members of the secretive Vigilance group, including Peter Collier, who was responsible for the death of deceased POI Wayne Kruger. Finch and Reese theorize that Collier killed Greenfield and is out to kill Sloan for digging too deep. Meanwhile, Root kidnaps Shaw and explains to her that the machine has a special mission for them. Using the machine’s instructions as a guide, Shaw poses as a CIA agent and delivers her captive, Root, to a mobile transport unit that exploits a legal loophole that allows them to detain prisoners indefinitely. While there, they find Jason Greenfield, still very much alive, and they help him escape before Collier and his operatives can kill him. Reese corners Collier, but Collier shoots Sloan in the femoral artery and escapes while Reese stays to keep Sloan alive. In the end, both POIs are saved and Shaw helps apprehend Root, whom Finch keeps in the library for the time being. Carter orders Laskey to keep her in the loop for all of the activities that HR involves him in. Laskey is crushed when Simmons has him bury the body of Morozov, a Russian business owner and one of his good friends. He then informs Carter that his real name is Mikhail Lesnichy, and that he is one of 12 Russians on the police force with ties to HR.

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While Shaw is abducted by Root, Finch and Reese get the number of Timothy Sloan (Kirk Acevedo), a real-estate investigator. Finch goes undercover as Sloan’s assistant while Reese continues investigating Shaw’s whereabouts. Sloan investigates the case of a man named Jason Greenfield (Michael Esper), who apparently died of a heroin overdose. Sloan breaks into Jason’s home, and Finch follows him inside to confront him. Sloan says that he and Jason were foster brothers, and Jason was a computer hacker. Sloan and Finch trace Jason’s recent activities to a warehouse. Inside, they find cryptic messages on the walls, and Sloan sees a water pipe leaking. They realize that the place is meant to be burned down with them in it, and the door closes. Reese arrives in time to rescue them, and they take Sloan to a safe house. Finch, who had taken pictures of the messages, learns that they are used as a communication device between members of an organization which includes Peter Collier (from “Nothing to Hide”). Reese and Sloan go to Jason’s house, where they are ambushed by Collier’s men. Sloan is kidnapped. Shaw, meanwhile, reluctantly agrees to help Root get closer to the Machine. They first go to a sewer, where Shaw loosens a grille. Then, they head to a CIA pickup site where Root is taken by Shaw (posing as a CIA agent) and two other agents to a CIA black site. Jason, who is alive, is one of the people being held there along with a recently-entered Root. Jason tells Root about Collier’s organization Vigilance, and blames himself for the death of Wayne Kruger (in “Nothing to Hide”), as he told them about him. Jason explains that he only told Vigilance to scare Kruger, but they killed him, leading him to desert the organization. Root says that she’s there for Jason. The prisoners are loaded into a truck driven by Shaw, and Root breaks Jason out. They are intercepted by Vigilance soldiers, leading to a shootout. Reese arrives there and finds Shaw. Root takes Jason underground in the sewer that she and Shaw went to earlier, while Collier grabs Sloan and holds him at gunpoint. He gives Reese the option of pursuing him or saving Sloan, and shoots Sloan in the femoral artery before running off. Reese tends to Sloan’s injuries and Collier escapes. Root, meanwhile, gives Jason money and information for a new home and identity in South America. She claims that she’s just following orders before Jason leaves. Two Vigilance soldiers show up with guns, and Shaw shoots them dead. Root says that the mission is done, and Shaw punches her unconscious. Later, Finch begins keeping Root in the Library, and she tells him that the Machine will get angry at him for keeping her there. Finch questions why she hasn’t considered that the Machine wants her there, and leaves, locking the door as she is left thinking.

Please use this thread to discuss the series’ fifty-first overall and third season sixth episode Mors Praematura. Rule: Please keep spoilers limited to those revealed during the series up to this episode only.

Wow. What a great episode. The machine shows us a great depiction of Collier’s network - named as Vigilance by Greenfield and Collier in the episode - at the beginning.

Unlike the faceless Machine, this is a network made up of real people. Individuals scattered across not only America but Canada as well if we take the map at face value. And unlike The Machine, this organization has been pushed into action. Violent action. With the means and the will to carry it out and a de facto ruthless leader in Peter Collier. But just what is their objective? What are they attempting to do? What is their preferred end state? I don’t think we’ve seen it yet and I’ll be very interested to find that out.

Root’s appearance was extraordinary. Her methods continued to be ruthless and unforgiving but moderated by The Machine. She daftly and adeptly manipulated Shaw - or channeled the machine to manipulate Shaw - while never straying from The Machine’s wishes. At the end we are left to believe The Machine wanted Root confined by Harold, definitively cut off from The Machine’s ability to communicate with her. However, I am finding that difficult to believe since The Machine had successfully reformed Root to a point so far. I would think the absence of The Machine’s support would be detrimental to Root’s ongoing therapy.

Root’s continued reference to The Machine as “her” was indeed illuminating to Harold. But just how that knowledge is utilized by him is yet to be seen. Maybe it is just a data point that the The Machine is continuing it’s ongoing metamorphism? Also Root was explaining to Shaw that The Machine now has three categories: Relevant, Irrelevant, and something else. Another reference to the machine’s evolution. And Harold’s deduction that The Machine sent two teams in with different goals is very troubling.

Harold’s return to working a case personally put him at enormous risk. There’s any number of individuals that Harold could have called on to help including Zoe Morgan, Detective Fusco, and Leon Tao to name a few. I found this part of the episode to be the weakest link in the story and by now I have definitely expected better of the writing. However, I do suspect that we will be seeing Timothy Sloan again. I could see his particular skills very useful for Finch and his band.

Talking about seeing someone again, I think it is fair to say that we will be seeing Jason Greenfield again as well. Especially since Sloan has the watch to return to Jason now.

Laskey is definitely finding out what HR is all about now, isn’t it? I’d be interested to know who were the other 11 Russians on the NYPD and if they were HR assets or not at this point. I think it’s safe to say that Laksey will be working more for Carter’s agenda now than HR’s, but he remains a wild card of sorts. And just what is HR stockpiling cash for? I’m not exactly pleased to learn this.