Person Of Interest Episode 1.05 Judgment

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A Polish street gang known as SP-9 kidnaps the son (Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick) of Samuel Gates (David Costabile), a judge known to be tough on crime. In exchange for his son’s safe return, they demand the judge release a banker who is key to their money laundering operations without any punishment. Breaking with his preferred means of operation, Reese makes himself known to Gates in an attempt to stall the kidnappers while he uses Detective Fusco to process evidence from the scene of the crime. He misleads SP-9 into believing their demands have been met, securing the release of Gates’ son, before delivering them to Detective Carter and the NYPD. Meanwhile, Reese makes overtures of friendship towards Finch, but is actually trying to find out more about Finch’s habits.

Please use this thread to discuss the series’ fifth episode Judgment. Rule: Please keep spoilers limited to those revealed during the series up to this episode only.

In the aspect of John’s mental healing this episode is well placed. It is the week after the unresolved confrontation at the beach house with Andrew Benton. That took a toll on John. This week John was able to help a good man and his son. It helps him feel fulfilled and ends up thanking Finch for the opportunity. John feels that he is making a difference. Although we don’t see any flashbacks or backstory we note that these two men, Finch and Reese, are making progress with each other.

Reese continues his quest to learn more about Finch. With good reason if you ask me. The information The Machine is giving them is very powerful indeed. Any good operative is going to ask questions about where the information is coming from, who is producing it, and what is the information dissemination process. Especially given the excessive compartmentalization of their operations and only 2 individuals involved as far as Reese is concerned.

For whatever reason Finch gives Reese information that he frequents a dinner. This is a huge step for Finch. I’m not quite sure why he gives the information to Reese. But it does give Reese a place to start to get additional information about Finch.

I also thought it was interesting to note in this episode that The Machine did not give the Nanny’s information either. Poor Christina Rohos. She was just associated with the wrong person (Judge Gates) at the wrong time. Why didn’t The Machine give Finch her number as well? It’s probably just a plot whole but it is interesting at this time in the series.

We finally start to see Carter and Fusco both lock horns over Fusco’s past and start to work together. The two approaches Carter takes towards Fusco are eventually going to be mutually exclusive. It will be interesting to watch which one wins and how she plays it.

In past episodes Finch doesn’t seem to have a problem hacking into anywhere. Suddenly he’s blocked by anti-money laundering software? I’m not sure why this was put in there unless it was to start to show Finch’s limitations.

I love Reese’s “Two Cats In A Bag” trick with the two SP-9 gang members. Priceless.

I also love how Finch secretly gives the fiscal information to the DA necessary to convict Angela Markem. However, it sucks that Angela gets away with vehicular manslaughter. I could be wrong but the jail time Angela is going to get from the money laundering is going to be much different and shorter than what she would have received with the vehicular manslaughter conviction. So that bugs me.

Also, what exactly happened to all of that cash and money in the bank accounts? Something tells me it is now in the hands of Finch Enterprises. Think of all the Eggs Benedict Finch could order with that much money……

I’m pretty sure Judge Gates will be seen again. Now whether it’s to help John and Harold or to be forced to act against them, we’ll see if Harold or John was right on that point.