Person Of Interest Episode 1.04 Cura Te Ipsum

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Reese begins twenty-four hour surveillance of Dr. Megan Tillman (Linda Cardellini) when the Machine names her as the next Person of Interest. He and Finch believe she is being targeted by Andrew Benton (Adam Rothenberg), a serial stalker and sex offender who drugs his victims before taking advantage of them, only to discover that Tillman is actually stalking Benton and planning to kill him; one of Benton’s previous victims was Tillman’s sister, who committed suicide shortly after Benton assaulted her. Reese assaults a group of dealers connected to a Mexican drug cartel, stealing their product and planting it on Benton to have him arrested before Tillman can catch him. Tillman, however, abducts Benton, forcing Reese to talk her down. Meanwhile, Detective Carter starts to get closer to Finch and Reese when she finds a surveillance tape from the robbery in “Mission Creep” that shows their exchange. Reese blackmails a police captain (John Fiore) to transfer Fusco to Carter’s precinct so that he can sabotage her investigation.

Please use this thread to discuss the series’ fourth episode Cura Te Ipsum. Rule: Please keep spoilers limited to those revealed during the series up to this episode only.

It’s obvious by now that Harold Finch and John Reese are both very much broken men. Although Finch’s story is a bit more secretive than Reese’s story. The episode reveals a lot about the two men. We hear that Finch had neck bone fusion surgery 1-2 years ago. We hear that Reese lost someone close to him and that not a day goes by that he doesn’t think about what he could have done about it. Reese also admits to Tillman that when you take a life you lose part of yourself in the process.

Finch once again plays a cover identity well with Detective Carter. His emotional appeal is probably what finally got her to back off of him for his little “conversation” with Reese during the evidence locker robbery last week.

Reese reveals what a sneaky guy he really can be. He blackmails Fusco’s Captain to transfer Fusco to Homicide so that Fusco can keep an eye out on Carter. If it wasn’t for Reese needing a spy on Carter it is very likely he would have let Fusco go…and probably get killed by the drug cartel. Fusco is still very much not very high on The Machine food trail so far. Reese also reveals that he not only knows Spanish fluently but also knows a thing or two about Mexican/Gulk/South American drug cartels. That would be an interesting thread to explore in a future episode.

Reese’s final statement, “Maybe there are no good people, only good decisions," is very pessimistic and really states Reese’s frame of mind. At least when it comes to crimes of sexual violence. Reese’s final question to Benton doesn’t bode well for Benton: “Which do you think I’ll regret more, letting you live or letting you die?”

Does John kill Andrew Benton in Megan’s rental house? That’s To Be Determined at this point, but if I was a betting man I’d sway toward the killing. Reese has personal history of sexual violence, letting Benton go would leave a gigantic loose end for both Reese and Tillman, and Tillman had set up a very well planned murder. I think Reese will take advantage of the situation and kill Benton, even though he’s trying to turn a new leave so to speak now.

Four episodes in this story was well placed. It placed everyone in a serious moral dilemma, asked some hard questions and was heavily character driven. There’s very little of the long term story arcs about The Machine in this episode but there is enough to carry that arc forward with Finch’s spinal injury, Reese’s sexual violence past and moving Fusco over to Homicide.

I’m enjoying this re-watch so far. I’m picking out stuff that I didn’t the first time through. It definitely has the power to keep you interested through multiple watches and re-watches!

~Shooter Out