ORBS Series

A couple of weeks ago I read

ORBS I and its prequel, Solar Storms.

Written by Nicholas Sansbury Smith, 2013.
From Goodreads:
"The year is 2061, and the planet is dying. Cataclysmic solar storms have forced leaders from around the world to finally put aside their differences and agree on one thing—to jump ship. The human race is headed to Mars.

Dr. Sophie Winston is hired by New Tech Corporation to test a biosphere deep within the heart of Cheyenne Mountain; a mission she believes will help prepare NTC for the three-year flight to the red planet. But, just days into the assignment, things start to go wrong. When the blast doors hiss open, Winton’s team finds a changed world outside. Humans are gone, vanished without a trace, and they aren’t the only thing missing. The planet’s water is gone, too.

As the team explores their surroundings, they find thousands of luminous blue orbs lining the streets. It isn’t until they uncover what’s inside that they realize the nightmare that lies ahead. "

I liked it. Interesting plot, good suspense, good characters.

I’m reading the next installment -

ORBS (2) -Stranded and its prequel, White Sands

I like the story, the characters and the little twists in the plot.

Finished ORBS (2) -Stranded and its prequel, White Sands.
This just gets better and better. Good series !

I’m reading the next installment -

ORBS (3) -Redemption and its prequel, Red Sands

I am so loving this series. I am hooked.