Once upon a Time 1x18 The Stable Boy

Sunday, 1 April 2012
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

Look at me! I’m joining a frak party! Haven’t done that in a while.

Anyone else here?

Just us chickens. ツ

Wow. Mom’s a bitch. And a witch!

Yeah … and you just know her daughter dating the stable boy is going to go over really well!

Aw, Regina’s in love. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was going to say “Jonnie Cochran” and not “a miracle”, but I’ll take it! =)

And knowing what happens in Storybrooke, I have a feeling I don’t want to get too attached to the stable boy.

Considering how long he’s been dead, either would need a miracle. ツ

I know that little girl from somewhere. :eyebrow:

Wow, good casting on 'lil Snow – she really sounds like her!

Probably wise. :frowning:


Nothing stands out to me. I wonder why she looks so familiar.

Hey look everyone. It’s Charles Widmore again!

Oh wow! No wonder why Regina is so upset.

Where was he when we were talking about dating earlier? Scouring! That’s what we need! Scouring! :smiley:

Okay, now I’m waiting for him to say “As you wish!”

Oh crap. I see where this is going. :eek:

Oh, Danny Boy. :frowning:

Yeah, but if this incident is what turned Regina into a evil vengeful bitch, she’s getting bitter at Snow for something when she was too young to fully realize the consequence of her actions. That’s really cold!

Well, she is a giant bitch as well. :rolleyes: