Official Caprica Twitter accounts

@sergegraystone - The robot butler. He answers questions and gives out slightly spoilery info. Obviously one or more of the writers is running this account.

@sasharoiz - Sasha Roiz also known as Sam Adama. Given out by Alessandra in one of her twits

@BambolaBambina - Alessandra Torresani also known as Zoe Graystone / U-87. She gave this out as her official twitter account on G4. She said she does it herself and it is not run by other people. She posts behind the scenes pics and tweets about all the partys she goes to.

@JaneEspenson - Jane Espenson also known as the producter and writer of the show we love. (fixed 5-22-10)

Feel free to add to my list if I miss someone.

There’s also one called “WeLove Serge”. It’s not an official SyFy account, and it’s a little bit silly sometimes, but I am going to follow it for a while and see if anything interesting turns up.

Jane changed her twitter account from Caprica Seven to her name. I fixed it in the first post. I’m surprised more of the cast hasn’t started tweeting. Allesandra is a tweetaholic and regularly post pics of herself. Still waiting for Lacy to join the fun.

Alessandra’s on Twitter, and she’ll be in person at the Tweet House at SDCC this year (with a bunch of other celebs). You don’t need a SDCC pass to go to this thing: