Official 2012 Meetup Flickr Pool

Official GWC Flickr pool for the 2012 meetup:


And now I’m a member! Can’t wait!

Just bumping the thread! If you’ve got your 2012 pics uploaded to your flickr account, don’t forget to toss them into the pool!

I uploaded all my pics from the meetup on Photobucket

[Friday]( International Meetup Day 1/)[]( International MeetupMarch 16 2012/)

[Saturday & Sunday]( International Meetup 2012 Days 2 and 3/)

Some of my favorites (from Saturday and Sunday, since something’s a bit messed up with linking my Friday ones at the moment.

Never mind. I found my Flickr username and added my pictures there.

While it was awesome at the time, that “YOU ARE HERE” shirt gives the pictures an added poignance. Like, “Yeah, you ARE here, actually.”

Thanks for posting those pictures, one of my favorites is the one with me, BitShift and JustMike. My boys!

Love the one of you with my mom, Nike. Really awesome. Glad you got to meet her and visa versa.

That was a very cool picture. Nike hugs always go well! I remember looking out of our window overlooking the front parking lot and seeing you and your mom when she first came to the Aloft… I had the pleasure of speaking with her at length over the weekend, and she was wonderful, gracious, and seemed pretty much at ease with the group. What’s her take on all of this GWC Meetup stuff? It must be a tiny bit overwhelming (?)

Just a request here: could someone make a sideshow with Van Halen’s “Can’t Stop Loving You” playing in the background?

PS where are the Juan-pics? :slight_smile:

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I meant slideshow… Dang autocorrect … Grrr

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