Now on Netflix

I saw that the entire OLD series of BSG is posted on Netflix last night. SWEET.

I forgot that Adama’s daughter was stationed on Galactica in the old series. It’s so cool to see how the NEW BSG takes the original characters/character traits and makes new ones.

Starbuck and Adama’s daughter had some kind of relationship going on in the OLD BSG, the NEW BSG makes Starbuck a female and she has a daughter/father relationship with Adama.


I can’t wait to see the cybernetic doggit again! He was my favorite and I wanted one of my very own. I was tempted to go down to the basement and dig out my old BSG action figures…

I didn’t realize that this was up for Instant Watch! At least it wasn’t last time I checked it.

I’m always surprised whenever I see how many episodes, total, were in the original BSG. 27? Really? It felt (when I was like 10) like it lasted forever.

And over half of those episodes are #-parters. There are only 18 actual stories in those 27 episodes.

I need to watch this series again. Maybe I’ll fit it in after I finish Next Gen.

That’s one of the things I loved about the Original BSG series (the #-parters) when I was a child. I saw it in Syndication and they would often play them back-to-back. It was like a movie marathon. I would watch BSG and then flip to another channel and watch the Planet of the Apes TV series. Ah. The good ol’ days.

Finished BSG '78. Be advised that Netfilx IW has 27 episodes listed but the last 3 are actually the Pilot 3-parter for Galactica 1980. And you can only view those 3 on DVD, the rest of Galactica 1980 is on IW.

Now watching G1980 and yes the acting and stories are craaaaap. I didn’t remember much about the series so figured what the heck. The only episode I could remember much about was the “Return of Starbuck.” Frak me! They looked like us back in 1980! There were SKINJOB toasters! LOL After watching this I’m going to have to read the RDM BSG bible and some wiki pages before re-watching the new BSG again.

Wanted so bad to have Dirk Benedict come on at the end when as Kara’s missing father. Would have been great as Kara’s head dad. As to the daggit you do know that it was a chimp in the costume.

Yes that was their Halloween episode with Wolfman Jack. Love the Microwave causing the Toaster to fry. Who’d have thunk our lil lost tribe had sophisticated Cylon weapons as common household appliances.:smiley:

Yeah the Microwave moment as a hoot. I didn’t remember anything at all about that 2-parter.

Halloween was being celebrated in the episodes, but this 2 parter “The Night the Cylons Landed” aired in April of 1980 (reference IMDB).