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The other day it hit me. I gave been going so long without seeing any Dr Who. Yes I know what the show is about. I know a lot of the pop cultural references, but I have never seen a show. So I obtained the 2005 series and started watching it. I am in love with it. Everything about it is amazing. Plus Rose is hot, so added bonus there. So I have only had time to watch a few of the episodes but can’t wait to watch the rest. I am also kinda wanting to watch the older stuff if anyone has any opinions of the pre 2005 series let me know.

If you have Netflix, a lot of the older Who is on the streaming and a ton more is available on DVD.

I would recommend you browse the Pertwee and Tom Baker (The guy with the hat and scarf) selection and find one that’s highly rated. Don’t expect much in the realm of special effects. After you watch one or two of those, feel free to branch out. Once it’s got you, Doctor Who is one of the greatest rides out there.

If you’re a Hitchhiker’s fan, check out The City Of Death (which is available on streaming and DVD). Adams wrote it under a pseudonym.

Great suggestions. I will keep them I mind if Canada’s Netflix ever gets older Who on. Right now we have one or two of the specials. No full series. I will have to find other means of watching the older stuff.

Well I’ve finally made it to the David Tennant years of the Doctor. Watching the Christmas invasion now. I kinda wish I could see all the older Who. Also now I need a way to see Totchwood. Captain Jack stole the shoe when he was on.

Torchwood is also available on NetFlix, both on instant watch as well as DVD. They also offer Red Dwarf, Ultraviolet, Being Human (the BBC one as well as the IMHO lesser American one) and Hyperdrive.

You are about to hit the best part of Who (in my opinion). Enjoy season 2!

I am only a few episodes in to series 2 and man do I love some Tennant. This show just keeps getting better and better. I can’t wait to watch more and more.

I’m just at the end of S3 Who. I started when Matt Smith became the Doctor but started to watch the reboot last summer. It’s been slow going due to time issues, but I have loved nearly everything I’ve seen. Matt Smith is my doctor, but I love Tennant too. The show always amazes me with where it can go- deep, nightmare scary or campy fun.

So I just finished what we Non British people call season 2 of Dr. Who. Even though I knew Rose was leaving it was still hard to see. I would like to say that I was manly and it only got dusty in the room but that is a lie. I full out shed tears over it. It was so heart wrenching to see the two part. The way she said I love you and just as he was about to say it back he blinked out of that universe. I just have to watch the Christmas special Runaway Bride then I am on to season or series 3. I am also going to be looking up the Dr. Who comics especially the Dr. Who Next Gen crossover. Man has it been a long time since I’ve watched Next Gen too. Add it to the queue of stuff I have to watch.

I’ve been on with The Doctor way back to the Baker Days. Even met a few of them (Sylvester McCoy was a fav, great guy in person and on stage). Looking forward to the 50th anni show. Would hope some of the older ones would return to. TBS where they are going now is great. Yes I to believe that the Ponds have run their course. I just hope it’s not as sad as it seems it might be. New companion looks promising. Would love to see the REAL connection between The Doctor and Wilfred (they just hint but have not stated it). Maybe find out about WHO the Other is (hint hint).

Anyway good far all coming on. Lets get the season started already.:smiley:

So haven’t had much time to watch the Doctor lately. New job and all. Well this week I have been plowing through a lot. I finished the Martha Jones series. Watched The Voyage of the Damed. Watched about half of the Donna Noble episodes. The room got a bit dusty during The Doctors Daughter. Next up for me I get to meet River Song. I am so looking forward to it.

On the cusp of Matt Smith. A new Dr. Just when u was really getting attached to David Tennant’s Dr. Soon I will get caught up on all the episodes.

I’ve made it to Matt Smith finally. Well I am a fan of Amy Pond, not so sure about the new Doc yet. Might just need to watch some more.

Give him time, his style is infectious.

I am 19 episodes away from being totally caught up on the Dr. So I am ok with the 11th Dr. But still prefer the 10th. Gosh I have such a crush on him. LOL No serious. The Ponds are good they make the show more for me. Can’t wait to actually get fully caught up then. I am going to read the TNG Who crossover.

It’s a wonderful journey, to be certain, and I’m so glad you’re investing the time in this.

As much credit as I give to Smith as an actor, and portrayer of The Doctor (and more given with recent episodes, as I’ve discussed with many Whovians of late), Tennant was just stellar. His whimsy and humor was reminiscent of Tom Baker’s 4th, his brooding was an excellent transition from (or with) Eccleston’s 9th, and so many of his acting choices from scene to scene were unlike anything we could predict.

I’d be curious to find out how many classic Who enthusiasts may claim (or secretly admit to themselves) that, despite their long-running histories with the show, that 10th is “their Doctor”.

I am about to embark on a grand watch of all the classic episodes I have acquired. 26 years of the Doctor to watch. Who will become my favorite. Stay tuned to same Who time same Who channel to find out reports from the TARDIS.

I need a good sonic screwdriver prop for the doctors. I have the universal remote control for the 11th Doctor. Can’t wait to use it to control my tv. Now I want some good props to run around the world with.

Peter Capaldi, what can I say. I seem to love this Doctor for some reason. He’s got a great air about him… He fits the role of serious angry Doctor. Someone who is searching for his new identity in his new life. Gone is the silly Doctor of Matt Smith (Sad face). Each incarnation of the Doctor has something special to offer. I’ve learned that from Watching William Hartnell. I am enjoying watching as much of the Doctor as I can.

Me too… Capaldi has been AMAZING this season (and it’s been my favorite season so far…but to be fair this is the first season that we’re watching as it goes and not through Netflixing), even the re-invention of Clara this season has been fantastic!