new venue for the meetup? it could happen

now who wouldnt want this place. maybe for the 2012 meetup???

gaius baltars vancouver bach. pad
only $4300

OK, so if we get another 4200 active members who are willing to contribute a buck each, and don’t mind awkward sleeping arrangements…

Hm. It’s not as crazy as you think. 4300 is per month. Meetups are usually for a weekend (so, let’s say Fri-Sun 3 days). It’ll only be 33.33 dollars/night per person for 43 people to stay at that house, which is kind of a bargain!

Of course, there are only 4 bedrooms, so…orgies? It is Baltar’s home after all. :smiley:

Would be cool.


Nice! I could drive to the meetup and try and cram some of the overflow (if they wanted to miss out on the “awkward sleeping arrangements” - hehe) at my place. :smiley:

I’ve been to most of the local filming locations, but never this one. Thanks for posting! For real-world shots of some of the scenes on Caprica.

I have a sneaking suspicion that sleeping/orgy arrangements would wind up being all guys. Some folks would be quite satisfied with that though. (:

well if we held the meet up later in the year we could camp out it does say “On two acrfes of private land” so people could pitch tents et al.

Considering two acres we could easilt accomodate say 200 people, charge say 20$ pppn and charge 40$ for people using the bedrooms.

given that generates aroun 13,000 dollars (200203) we can spend the differnce feeding and providing alcohol (say 4,000) and donate the rest to charity as we’re such nice people.
on the “My math there is roughly calculated but you know it makes sense” ID

How much do you figure for clean up/repairs? (:

sweet, whos got the “black” credit card to reserve it… it would be SO FRAKKIN cool… nice to dream… id gladly pay 100 a night, for baltars pimp palace… SOLD!!!

hehe you said pitch tents


3 Main Bathrooms AND 1 Powder Room???

Damn Gaius! Youre such a player that when a girl says “I need to powder my nose”…you actually have a frakkin POWDER ROOM???

AKA the Coke Closet.

ROFL! I totally missed that.