New to Who

It may or may not come as a shock to some but I’ve never watched Doctor Who. I don’t have anything against Doctor Who. I just never watched it. Reason: there are so many episodes 800 and history 50 years around it. I’m a bit of a completest nutter. How could I possibly watch all that?

Anyway, last week I decided to jump in and watch Doctor Who. I started with ‘Rose’, the first episode of the Ninth Doctor. My daughters happened to be in the room and they really dug it. I enjoyed it as well. The Doctor is a fun and eccentric character. He’s does not exhibit the maniacal classic hero persona. He floats through the episode like a supporting cast member with sarcasm and wit. He is endearing. It’s difficult not to love him.

Thanks to Netflix Instant Watch, I started plowing through Classic Doctor Who. I watched ‘The Aztecs’ with William Hartnell. For, in essence, a stage play it was incredibly engaging and interesting. The writing is great and the female characters were not background or window dressing. They played a vital role in the episode and its outcome.

Next up, I watched ‘The Mind Robber’ with the second Doctor, Patrick Troughton. I couldn’t escape the feeling that even though the sets and effects are cheesy, Doctor Who is only limited by imagination. The stories are the imperative and that is commendable.

Next was ‘Spearhead from Space’ with the third Doctor, Jon Pertwee. Little did I know that when I watched ‘Rose’ it was playing homage to Spearhead from Space and the Autons.

Now I’m watching ‘The Three Doctors’. What an absolute gem!! Omega is a wonderful absolute bad guy. All I can say is, “I’m hooked!”

Bring on the Whoverse!!

Welcome to the Tardis. I recently got back into Who after remembering watching some 4th on PBS during the 80’s. The Doctor and Donna is my favorite pairing. The Doctor and Rose’s love story makes me emotional every time I watch it.

'talos, welcome to the club!

I only became a Whovian a few years ago. Like you I didn’t have anything against it, I simply was intimidated by the catalog of material to get through. Let me say this: I am impressed at your approach. Most people new to the franchise start with Rose and plow through all of new Who and ignore the old series, perhaps watching an episode or two to get a flavor. I am definitely in that camp. Keir is putting together two lists for people like us:

  1. Old Who sampler pack / must watch episodes
  2. Doctor Who episodes for those under 10 years old.

Report back as you progress! Want to hear your updates!

Backs to the beginning, Vizzini!!!

I really dig the classic episodes. But I’m old skool. I’ll get new Who soon enough.

I came to Who when Tom Baker was in the role. Then I got to watch Pertwee and I was bonkers for it. Followed by all the rest all the way to McCoy. Side note got to meet McCoy at a convention. Great guy with a wonderful sense of humor.

Netflix is great to watch classic Who and then catch up with current shows. Now get knitting that scarf and please have a Jelly Baby. :wink:

I’ve seen every episode of Who, old and new, that is available from Netflix. And some that aren’t that I watched back in the 80s on public television. Fantastic show if you don’t require high-tech special effects and can excuse acting flubs. Which I can. If it’s got a good story it’s got me as a viewer.