New Doctor Search

From The Sun in the UK.
Apparently Matt Smith is quitting Dr. Who after the Christmas special at the end of the year. To head off to Hollywood.
Here is the link to the article, that lists a few actors that they would like to see in the running for the next Doctor.

I wouldn’t trust The Sun if they told me water was wet

I can only hope the next Doctor is Rupert Grint or Jaime Murray.

I’d like to see Jamie Bell as the Doctor. :smiley:

A fair assessment of a horrid rag. I scoffed as much on Twitter when they tried to pass this off as “news”. Granted, Smith’s involvement in cinematic work will tax his schedule, and in time, mark the end of the 11th Doctor role, but I think we have some ways to go before that scale tips.

My wager? End of Series 8 at the earliest. I’ve been discussing this on <shameless-plug>Gallifrey Public Radio</shameless-plug>, but a lot will depend on how Clara fares as a take-no-guff Companion. If she has the presence, and fan base, to serve as the transition from 11 to 12 (something that the SteeMo crew didn’t have with 10 to 11), it would serve as a bridge for viewers to ease them through a regeneration, which as we all know, is one of the hardest things on the PLANET to watch.

Ha, ha, well I generally don’t go to The Sun for news (IYKWIM!).
Though, I have found that generally who ever plays The Doctor, once the rumors start to go around that they are leaving or tired of playing, it’s done by the end of the season.
Hopefully the “Big Mystery” does make sense and doesn’t leave fans scratching their heads saying “Huh?!”
Looking forward to this season, 4 MORE DAYS TO GO!