New cast's


Trying to find new podcast’s. going thru my iPhone app and its only going to march. Meetup bref. Any ideas?


The crew are on a break for a couple of months. Chuck posted on the Blog about it. You can read it here. Welcome to the forum!


Just was on the main site and wouldn’t you know it, the answer to my question… Thanks for getting back to me and I hope it’s not to long. Lol I need my GWC!! Keep up the awesome work over there!


Don’t let it be forgot, that one there was a spot, for one brief, shining moment, that was known as Gee Double-You See.


There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t get sad and/or frustrated that this place has emptied out since there’s so damn much good stuff on TV to talk about all the time now and I wish there was more people here to chat it up with about it!!


Yeah, I have finally gotten back onto the Stargate SG-1 habit and recently found Continuum.


So say we all !!


So say we all !!


I feel the same way. I really miss it.


I never watched SG-1 when it was on TV.
Though I really was into Atlantis and SG Universe.
So in Jan, I decided to give SG-1 a try.
Just finished the 10 seasons and the 2 movies.
Can’t believe I deprived myself for so long.
Just loved it !


There’s no reaosn we can’t keep this forum going with the current awesome shows on (I tried with Defiance and when Agents of SHIELD kicked into gear)…this is and was the best damn place I ever seen for talking sci-fi goodness and I’d love to see it keep kicking as long as the site lives…I know a bunch of ya’s are on twitter…I should do it more, I’m too wordy :smiley: …I’m more a facebooker and that’s mostly for my hockey stuff…maybe I’ll try twitter more this week (yes I mean this I swear!)


I’m just getting to season 6. I watched it occasionally when it was on TV, but was never able to carve out the time to catch it every week. Now I have the whole DVD set, so I can finally finish it!


Some of the little activity we still have here is Stargate frak parties every Saturday night. We’re up to Season 4 of Atlantis.

Which reminds me that I should probably post the next month of threads today.


I plan on joining you as soon as I get Internet at my new place.
(Posting from work)

Do you plan on moving on to SG Universe afterwards?


Yeah, we have 1.5 more seasons of Atlantis (plus Continuum) left, but then we’ll be moving on to SGU.


Great. I’ll see you soon.

Another screw up with
CenturyLink, so no internet today.