Nerdmoment with the forum uidesign


I just registered, this is my first post. So yeah, I’m a nerd, first thing I do after registering at a new place is writing a bug report.
I may have crossed a line in my life that I might never even see again…

But admitting to this and and having realized what kind of nerds have flocked here while having listened to the podcast for about 5 months and then seeing Modern Geek spawn (with delight, if I might be so bold), I feel justified in bringing up one minor squabble with the process of registering:

The button “Clear Form” on the first registration page is the last button on the lower right hand side of the screen, the “Confirm” button right next to that, on its left. The same on the Edit Profile page.
That is just cruel.
Seriously, twice?
You just don’t do that to a person you just met.

Thats how function buttons are placed, not the other way around.

** 1minute later **
Okay, just performed a very scientific study:
Goolgepicture results:
“microsoft ok cancel”: 4.660.000
“microsoft cancel ok”: 52.600.000
“mac ok cancel”: 27.100.000
“mac cancel ok”: 73.000.000

Not that I clicked the wrong button twice out of instinct and lost any input, but my inner nerd was offended and hurt.


On the logon screen.

And the “Save” button as well!?
That’s just wrong man, I’m outta here

I mean, seriously, there might be little kids out here that could see this, what kind of people are you…

Ohcrap. I used the wrong forum.
Would anyone please move this to the right subforum? :slight_smile:
Thank you!
Best first post ever. :expressionless:

Pyro, Welcome to the forums…
that is the kind of attention to detail we like around here… We just don’t sweat the little stuff to much. :slight_smile:

question. — when you say the button is “right there… on the left” does that mean it was in the middle? or was it "left there on the right?

Again… Welcome…

so say we all !

Welcome to the forum pyro! Your post is fine in this section of the forum. And the buttons you are talking about are the Complete Registration and the Reset Form on the second registration page:

The registration pages are standard for vBulletin’s software. I don’t know if the Admins can change the layout or not, but I’m the type to say if it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it. I don’t remember any other members state that they have had a problem. And the spam bots…they don’t get a chance to complain. :wink:

Thanks for the welcome you two!
Yes, the screenshot that Gryper provided contains exactly what I was talking about.
But don’t get me wrong, I know that it will take probably even more time to “fix” this than it took me to write the original post (way too much) AND that it’d probably be a bad idea to change the buttons at all because everyone is already used to that and then everyone else would be killing content while clicking the now wrong buttons out of habit.
As a general rule of thumb I’d go with “Confuse the new guy, not everyone else”.

So Wontfix->Worksforme will be accepted, this was created more out of disbelieve than a “problem”. :wink:

Oh, and your lawyers will be hearing from someone elses lawyers who got the info from someone who shall not be mentioned here who takes issue with the way spambots are oppressed around here. Workers unions are not just for the binarily challenged, I’ll have you know.

Have a great day

A good rule of thumb, but in the case of the registration screen it’s only seen by the new guys. I don’t know if it’s an easy fix or not, but if it is it should be corrected. If not, your suggestion should be passed upstream in the hope that the vB software guys will change it.

Thanks for passing it along, I really am interested in how that discussion is going to turn out… I think this will land in the “religious discussions to be had later” pile, I’d think I’m not the only one who has “inquired” about that in the past and their answer is going to be along the lines of “It’s called a design decision. We dont want to talk about that anymore. Go away.”.
Or my past experiences with designers have scarred me and I will be pleasantly surprised :slight_smile: