Nat Geo - Carrier

Don’t shoot me! this is BSG-related (kinda)… I’m watching this documentary “Carrier” on National Geographic, about life aboard the USS Nimitz. This would’ve been fodder for the likes of RDM when he was just start to re-imagine the BSG franchise and how life would be like aboard the ol’ Gally.

Cally’s character comes to mind when I watch this docu, being fresh out of high school working her way to go to dental school. Althought the rest of the knuckledraggers are kinda old. :stuck_out_tongue: There oughta be more young’uns working as knuckledraggers to make BSG more realistic, wouldn’t it? :o

Carrier does look awesome. I’ve been meaning to watch that.
I guess you can watch all the episodes directly from the PBS website.

Most of the youngsters died in the first attack when Tigh spaced them.

I watched several episodes of this when it first aired, and got to see it in HD (I think I was sick at the time, and without cable, several hours of PBS was all I had to go on). It’s an incredibly immersive show, and I was happy to see a lot of the dramatics in BSG reflecting the real-life situations and people on the Nimitz. They even had their own Dee/Little Uhura on the bridge.

You can really the divide between the officers and the crew in terms of how much information is given about their mission and operations, even basic stuff. I think it factors in relevantly to some of our recent discussions about who we would support based on how much we would know if we were an average Joe in the fleet. The vast majority of the people on that ship are just steadily doing their jobs, hoping that all goes well and they don’t get blown up. The officers see a bigger picture and are under a lot of pressure to keep these thousands of people working together without being able to explain themselves completely.

Anyway, I’m rambling. Good show, and very BSG relevant. Check it out if ya’ll get a chance.

Also, a lot of the crew on Big G was probably older at the time she was about to be museumballed. At least, that’s probably how that worked out.