My TSCC Tribute MV


obsession produced something at least…

The travails of teenage boy/cyborg-from-the-future-who-looks-like-a-hot-teenage-girl love. It’s so tragically doomed, the fate of these star-crossed lovers. Ahh to be young again!

yup, vote yes for the robot lovin’ act. it calms skynet down.

Admittedly, I’m not one for music videos. That said, you did a good job. I hadn’t realized there were so many tender, for lack of a better word, moments between the two. Props on the ending too.

I chuckled when i moved the Cameron clip to “On your machine I left a plea” part…

thought that was random… but i was too tired to move the clips around.

What software do you use to make these kinda things, I really think tht they are great, but never get around to makeing them. This thing has inspired me!


Since you are “over there” do you have to bit torrent to keep up with new american sci-fi stuff, or do you have to use i-tunes. When i lived in Korea, Japan and australia there was usualy like a 6month gap for most things.

itunes shop isn’t working in Taiwan either for content with license issues for some unfathomable reason…

so i bit-torrent.

But when I do go to the US I look for the DVDs. The last time I went to Guam, and they don’t have any TSCC DVDs in the K-mart or music/video stores in every mall… i guess Chamorros and US navy/airforce don’t like TSCC =_= (or they like it so much, every copy’s sold out)

I use Sony Vegas 9.0 to edit. I am new to this too. This is my first complete music video. I was inspired by a lot of others making these stuff.