Morena Baccarin in SHO's Homeland

I’m catching up on Showtime’s Homeland, which is available on On-Demand until mid-March or so. Yeah, it really is all that.

So, in all that gushing press, somehow nobody (that I read) went out of their way to mention that Firefly companion Morena Baccarin plays a key supporting role… in which you, ahem, really see a lot of her. IYKWIM. Like, 80085 percent, if you follow me.

Anyhow, it’s outstanding series, and she does good work in it.

dude … film at 11 … :slight_smile:

She is such a hottie.

Still not liking her new hairdo in the 2nd part of the season. But that is the only damn thing. Otherwise, IBIMB fater than Jayne can say “Vera”!!

And the series…If you’ve missed my comments about it on Twitter: Yeah it was my favorite drama this fall/winter.

You ain’t the only one who finds it unsatisfying – Brodie doesn’t dig it either. Granted, he seems to have some other things on his mind…

I’m on thru ep #5 – no spoilers!

Lucky for him, that Brody isn’t too dependant on his wife. :smiley:

I have seen… clips. Might be interested in seeing more. (Yes like that. And like that too.)

Just finished season 1. Holy geez. Discuss.

Well, the foreign press decided Homeland is the best dramatic series and Claire Danes is the best dramatic actress this year. Two Golden Globes surprisingly snatched from Boardwalk and Game of Thrones, etc. We’ll see how the Emmys decide in September. No spoilers? She’s well known for being a trained method actor, I hope she’s recovered from her performance in the last three episodes. Wow. No question for me, easily the best meltdown of the year in television. Apologies to American Horror Story.

awesome series, just awesome…

seeing Morena Baccarin doing what Joss probably have intended to do had Firefly been a cable show, i dunno… She is beautiful, but the context just makes me so depressed…
I am not a religious person, but I always envy those who can get in that state of mind (i can’t cause I pick everything apart and analyze way too much to get into the just believe part), the look on Brod’s face when he prayed was beautiful.

I am still in early episodes… I know Brod’s done things he’s not proud of in captivity, but I really hope they don’t just go the easy route and paint him as turned to terrorism because he converted to Islam. It’s sad to see a series finally depicting a beautiful Islam prayer and then have it connected to terrorism…

Homeland doesn’t take the easy outs that most TV shows do.

Also, here’s a long, long, long interview where the co-creator walks through season 1. It’ll be four parts, I believe. As of now, two are out. There be spoilers.

Sample quote-age:

AVC: You also keep quite a few secrets about Carrie. She’s much more clear to us than Brody, but at the same time, we don’t entirely know the nature of her mental illness. How did you decide what to keep mysterious about her?

AG: She was a work in progress as well. When the series was originally conceived, although we always wanted to take it to paid cable, we had some masters to serve first. So we did write the thing on spec. [In television terms, a pilot written on spec is a script written without a guaranteed sale. —ed.] It was always done on spec for 20th Century Fox television. So, we had to shop it around to the networks first, and especially we had to shop it around to Fox first.

We knew that if we did it for a network, there was no way we’d be able to have two ambiguous protagonists. There’s no way we’d be able to have an unreliable Carrie Mathison, and there’s very little chance that we would have been able to have a gray Nick Brody. So, in the first incarnation of this, Carrie was more or less a straight-ahead intelligence officer. It was only when Fox decided that a serialized show was not what they wanted to do, and we were able to take it to Showtime, that’s when we started to get a lot more interesting with the characters.

Don’t worry, it isn’t that easy and Brody’s decision is way more influenced by other well known parties than Islamic terrorists and his conversion to the Islam also sounds genuine due to what he had to endure during his captivity.

also… is that Odo at the beginning of every episode?

yeah… i don’t care how cute Aisha was… if I came home to Morena Baccarin and an understanding daughter like that, screw causes, i’m all good, god is just.