Mission To Mars

Found myself with some time tonight,
so I’m re-watching Mission To Mars.

Gary Sinise
Tim Robbins
Don Cheadle


I’m not quite sure why I like this film so much.
But I do, seen it many times.

Love the whole space program community.

It’s Major Loren !

And you just struck out.

“You bring the balls”

I really like Tim Robbins in this.

And Don Cheadle is always good.

And Nick strikes out again.

And there’s the electric Isuzu

Love Gary Sinise’s leather jacket.

June 9, 2020

Nice scene: the 3 guys sitting in the treehouse.

“Three commanders, one ship.
There’s not enough rocket fuel in the world to get those egos off the ground.”

“I’m a pretty good stick jockey…”

“…for guys who read too much science fiction as a kid,
and still wear these little Flash Gordon rocket ships around their necks.”

I want one !!

Love Woody’s car. Is that a Corvette?

Ok enough of the talking. Get into space.

Jim to Luke: Have a great ride.
Luke: Always do.

Ok, I have to admit that I hate the music.
Alot !!

Cut to 13 months later.

On the red planet.
Mars 1 crew exploring.

The Mars 1 crew


“…looks like ice.”

Meanwhile on the World Space Station.

Onboard is :

Ray Beck, Mars Mission director

Mars II crew:

Jim O’Connell