Missing podcast?

I’m trying to relisten to all of the GWC podcasts in order, but I can’t get #18. When it downloads, it’s only 11 minutes long (cuts off short after that). I’ve tried listening to it streaming, too, and downloading different times.

Does anyone have a way so I can get the full podcast?

PM me and I’ll get it to you.

Ah crap. I keep forgetting to get Podcast 18 off my backup disc, so let’s try this.

[li]Whoever has #18 laying around, grab it and throw it up on my public folder.
[/li][li]PM Merry K and tell her it’s there.
[/li][li]Merry, tell me when you got it.

I uploaded and PM’d Merry K.

Danke sehen.

I’m so glad this is still here many years later. Thanks, Pike, and thanks internet!

Which reminds me, … anyone seen or heard from Oldtimer lately?

Fixed. Episode 18 is now available.