Missing episodes

I need something else to listen to, so I decided to go back through the GWC archive, and I couldn’t download Episode 18. I may find more missing eps as I go, but I just wanted to mention that so it can be dealt with.

Verified that #18 can not be downloaded.

Podcast #50 is corrupt. It starts in the middle of a call response, then after the first minute or so, starts skipping around.

Episodes 76, 78, and 80 all downloaded as 1kb files, so I’m pretty sure they’re corrupted.

I’ll check with Chuck and see what we can do about this. Thanks!

I think I have copies of all of them, if needed.

I do have copies of all, if needed.

I had them all transferred to vinyl for the improved sound quality. :shifty:

I put them on 8-track so I can play them in the car.

You old farts. I slashed my forearm and download them all straight into my blood.

Pike has many copies, and they have a plan.

Are you going to make them available for Record Store Day tomorrow? I’d buy a set! And I do have a player. :smiley:

I just tried again and was able to download these 3.

Same problem with Podcast #89.

#18, #50 and #89 have been fixed. That should be all of them, but let me know if you come across any other broken ones.