Marvel's Darth Vader Vol. 1 & 2



if you have not checked this out, I highly recommend it. This is Darth Vader. Vader is full of rage, full of emotion, and totally kicks everyone’s ass. The Emperor is not so keen on Vader’s future after he allowed the Death Star to be destroyed. So, Palpy pits a gang of replacements against Vader on a quest. Vader faces a rebel base and 4 squadrons of X-Wings alone. Vader survives it all. The story introduces characters in a similar fashion of the Star Trek Mirror universe. There is a sadistic C-3P0 named, Triple Zero and a homicidal R2-D2, named BeeTeeOne. Doctor Aphra is a morph of Han, Leia, Luke, & Indiana Jones. She is recruited by Vader because of her history with enhancing droids. All these characters are fabulous and really aid the story instead distract from it. But Vader is the one who shines.


Awesome, I’m definitely gonna buy this. I’m a huge Darth vader fan.