Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1.10 The Bridge **** SPOILERS ****

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Phil Coulson recruits Mike Peterson to his team for super-soldier support when soldiers working for Project Centipede spring Edison Po (Cullen Douglas) from prison following their perfection of the Centipede serum. Coulson’s team traces one of the Centipede-powered soldiers named Brian Hayward to an abandoned factory, walking into an ambush involving the Centipede-powered soldiers. Afterwards, Edison states to Raina that Peterson is her key to Stage 3 of their plan. Coulson’s team discover that the Centipede-powered soldiers were subjected to the same eye situation that Akela Amadour went through. Edison tells Raina that he told the Clairvoyant about her and that the last person who tried to find out who the Clairvoyant got a knife to him. At the same time, when Skye tries to dig deeper into the mystery of her parents, Coulson and May are shown to be hiding information from her. When Peterson calls Ace, he ends up learning that Raina is with him as she asks Peterson if he remembers when she told him how she can change his life. Coulson learns from Peterson that Project Centipede that they want Peterson in exchange for Ace’s safety with no involvement whatsoever. When it comes to the exchange, Coulson escorts Peterson to the trade-off where the twist in the trade involves Coulson being handed over instead. Coulson lets Peterson give him to Raina and surrenders to Project Centipede. Peterson decides to correct his mistake as he tries to go after Raina only for an explosion to prevent the rest of Coulson’s team to follow them. In the final scene on Raina’s helicopter, Coulson states that he won’t give them what they want. Raina states that he only needs to give Project Centipede the info regarding how he came back to life the day after he died.

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[i]Three soldiers, actually they are more like “super soldiers,” crash through the cafeteria roof at Havenworth Federal Penitentiary. With their incredible strength, they are able to overcome any and all prison guards. They are there for one man: Edison Po. The soldiers have the Centipede device on their bodies. As for Po, he’s a former marine who also a calm, cold-blooded killer. Coulson lets the team know they will be getting support from someone who can help them fight fire with fire. His name: Mike Peterson. He happens to be the individual they did battle with in the “Pilot.” Couslon lets Mike know it’s time for him to suit up.

Fitz and a gushing Simmons do some testing on Mike, who lets them know that the weapon they created stabilized the serum inside him. They saved his life. Skye learns that Po was visited in prison by the “Girl in the Flower Dress.” They can see video of their conversation. Po said, “The Clairvoyant does not like to be touched.” Mike says the mystery lady is Raina. She’s the one who recruited him for Centipede. Po likely serves as the strategist for the soldiers she brings in.

Raina visits with Po once again. She’s asking for the Clairvoyant to help in finding the key to Stage 3. Their soldiers are completely drained after every mission. They need regular injections and constant upkeep. This is difficult to achieve when S.H.I.E.L.D. has them always on the run. Po suggests that it’s time to stop running.

One of the soldiers who broke Po out of prison is Brian Hayward. Coulson drives Ward to the University of Ohio to question the guy’s sister. During the trip, he opens up about a cellist he once knew. He had to keep his distance from this special lady after his death was exploited for the Battle of New York. When they arrive at the college, Ward poses as a state lottery official trying to convince Hayward’s sis that her brother has won $50,000. Laura Hayward says she hasn’t spoken with Brian since he got back for Afghanistan. That’s a lie. The team soon learns that Brian Hayward is in Oakland.

Mike is given a slick suit for work in the field. The team tracks Brian Hayward’s cell phone to an abandoned factory. It’s likely Centipede’s new lab. The three super soldiers are waiting for the team when they arrive. Coulson shoots Hayward with a blue dendrotoxin that quickly moves though his veins, stops and dissipates. Soon the soldier is back to full fighting strength. The team is trouble, but they are able to take down Hayward.

Coulson demands to know who is behind Centipede. Hayward swears he won’t say anything, but he’s not addressing Coulson when he says this. He suddenly goes limp. His eyes are askew and bloodshot as smoke emits. Hayward is dead. This is the same type of phenomenon first seen in “Eye Spy.” Hayward was being controlled. Po lets Raina know that he spoke with the Clairvoyant. He also says she can never learn what the Clairvoyant is like, but he did speak at length about her many virtues.

Skye thanks May for looking into the identity of her parents. In truth, she and Coulson agreed to not reveal everything they know. May tells Skye that if she can’t put aside her personal attachments then she shouldn’t be on the team. She reveals that Coulson doesn’t want her to know the truth. This is just after she had let Ward know that they need to remain professional out in the field. As for Skye, she rips up the research she’s been doing before breaking down in tears. Coulson witnesses this, but doesn’t approach her.

Coulson wonders why Mike hasn’t seen his son since that day at Union Station. There’s a good reason for that. The last time Mike’s son saw him he was a monster. He thinks he may be better off without him. Coulson doesn’t believe that’s true. He wants him to think about his boy before choosing the life he wants to lead. This inspires Mike to call his son. He’s horrified to discover he’s not alone. Raina is there. She wants to trade Mike for his son, otherwise the boy is dead.

Fitz and Simmons will be able to track Mike using non-electronic means. At Mike’s request, Coulson is present at the exchange on a bridge. Ward has a rooftop position but no clear shot. Coulson learns that he’s the one Raina truly wants. Mike threatens to kill her, but she assures him that would only cause a more horrible fate for his boy. He has no choice but to let her go and Coulson has no choice but to surrender to Raina.

Once his son is safe, Mike goes after Raina. He wants to save Coulson. BOOM! The bridge explodes with Mike on it. A chopper rises from below. BANG! BANG! BANG! Gunshots fly. Agent Ward is down. As they fly off into the night, Raina lets Coulson know that what they want is simple. She wants him to tell her about the day after he died.[/i]

Please use this thread to discuss the series’ tenth overall and first season tenth episode The Bridge. Rule: Please keep spoilers limited to those revealed during the series up to this episode only.

Well this one didn’t end anywhere near where I thought it would end.

I was thinking about how cool Coulson was with the whole betrayal thing. While watching, I figured it was just that his entire focus was on getting the child to safety so he literally didn’t care that Mike sold him out to the bad guys. But now, I’m wondering if he was actually a bit eager to go. Maybe he even suspected that he was going to be the trade bait. This may be his best chance of actually finding out what happened in Tahiti.

All in all a good episode. I’m looking forward to the next one for the first time in a while.

They were doing a good job of making it obvious that Phil is somewhat involved with Skye someway somehow…maybe he’s the father (oi)…or the mother was working under him and he told her to abandon her child and he’s had remorse about it ever since…that’s why it was so easy for him to understand and relate with “anything for Peterson’s child”…and it explains why he went all in on Skye, why he puts up with her and wants her to be a part of this team to this excess…

like I said in the other thread…THANK GOD all the pieces started to come together…we started seeing the big picture get combined…started to see all the little build things that felt random and frustrating…and yes the Tahiti resolution too possibly…not to mention the good sub-plot of how does this team hold together without its glue in Phil…me too, I’m VERY eager for January!!

Best episode in the series so far!

A bit of a delay on commenting on this episode over the holidays, but here goes…

Recruiting Mike to join the team: While I totally understand the reasoning for getting Mike Peterson onto the team, it was a flawed move from the get go, but unfortunately one that I felt was par for the course for team-coulson. While adding a centipede enhanced operative to the team to combat the trio of super-soldiers looked sound, what it really did was add another wild card (read: field untested agent, fresh from the academy) to the team. Moreover, while we’ve seen the team start to coalesce recently, now there’s someone who hasn’t trained with May and Ward, doesn’t know their fighting styles and techniques, etc. More than that, the new addition to the crew came with an obvious weak spot. Ever wonder why SEAL-Team 6, SWAT and other special forces use masks and typically don’t put names on uniforms? Yup - family. Same goes for masked super-heros and alter egos. Going up against an organization that knows you have a family is just a bad idea, and it went just about as well as could be expected.

Tactical Ineptitude: Blunder #1: Skye wondered why S.H.I.E.L.D. didn’t send in backup, and Coulson nods to Mike and says that they’ve already got all the backup they need. I call BS. Who is watching multiple exits? If they thought it was a centipede lab (remember, before they got there they didn’t know it was abandoned), there would have been lots of scientists, equipment, high value assets etc. There’s no way that wouldn’t have been a major op.

Blunder #2: Mike and Coulson go in while Fitz-Simmons confirm that there’s no additional heat signatures in the factory. “Hey guys - think this is a trap?” “Nah, he probably just left his cell phone behind.” Man, with agents this reckless, Centipede could have just mined the entire complex and remotely detonated it taking out the entire team.

Blunder #3: Skye picks up a strange electronic signal and tried to isolate it. I’m not sure she mentioned trying to block it, but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, but more evidence of an obvious trap. /Facepalm.

Mike’s betrayal: Here’s an idea. Why not trust the team so they can put the pheromone-tracking stuff on Coulson and form a plan around the actual end-game instead of hiding it from them. Coulson opened up to Mike in their one-on-one, and that’s how he repays him. I kinda hope we don’t see him back this season; but then again, if you look back at my first post for the pilot episode in the forums, I made a case for taking him out permanently in the train station right at the start.

I’m frustrated. This show has so much potential, but we’re focused on intentionally flawed characters that I’m not warming to. Whedon can write great flawed characters: Mal had cargo trunks full of issues, so did the rest of the Firefly crew, but you could identify with them and they were an intentionally rag-tag bunch of survivors, not elite trained agents from the world’s most bad-ass super-secret task force.

I guess what really irks me is that this isn’t really S.H.E.I.L.D. S.H.E.I.L.D. has to be better than everyone else because they go against baddies that are tougher and more well funded than anyone else. They’re disciplined, well equipped, and generally badass. Quirky isn’t working - it’s time to get serious. In our household my wife has already dropped AoS from must watch status, and I’m holding on for dear life. If it got cancelled, I’d probably just go ‘Meh’.

I just re-watched the episode and at first glance it seemed a stunning betrayal. Coulson mentions at the start that there wouldn’t be a third chance for Mr. Peterson. Raina and Po seemed focused on Mr. Peterson as the answer to stage three. And instead of choosing someone else to kidnap like Coulson’s cellist girlfriend or Simmons’ parents they chose Ace, Peterson’s son. It all pointed to Peterson betraying Coulson.

But wait! Let’s dig a little deeper. Coulson traced Laura Hayward’s phone call to her brother Brian in Oakland, California. Coulson, again, calls Brian’s number to reveal his hiding place. Skye used lip reading software to figure out what Po said during the prison visit. Coulson or SHIELD might have had Ace under surveillance and knew he had been taken prisoner. Coulson DID consult with HQ after all. What’s to say he didn’t have tabs on Peterson’s phone the entire time and record the conversation? What’s to say they didn’t use the same lip reading software on Peterson in the holding cell on board the Bus through those cameras?

The Tahiti thing did seem to catch him a bit surprised once he was in the chopper with Raina, though.

I’ll agree with you that Coulson is involved somehow with Skye or what happened to her back then. Remember how his eyes glassed over when he remembered the agent Skye described to include what movies she liked? I’d like to think there is more to Skye than just a connection with Coulson, though.

Yes. I agree with you. I’m glad the half-series ended like this. Once people start to get caught up and the closer to Winter Soldier we get the higher the ratings will go.

Mister JJ Abrams sir, you have some competition on Tuesday nights!

No biggie! I finally got through it today enough to post here myself.

Perhaps that was part of the plan from the start. Or perhaps it was just a story convenience to get the band back together. I’m not sure who else SHIELD has in their index at the moment that could have possibly equaled the super soldiers. There’s Captain America but he could be indisposed at the moment. So Peterson may have very well been their best shot.

They wanted to use stealth and rapid response in their favor. That was the justification given for the small team. Besides, again, they had Peterson. Hindsight is 20-20.

That is assuming the destruction of Coulson’s team was their goal. We haven’t seen that yet.These guys might be destructive, but it has always been with a purpose.

In stealth operations this is always a factor not to be taken lightly: when to jam signals. If your signals are being jammed you know you are being hit or that you are able to be hit. Your team’s approach then needs to be adjusted. I think not jamming the signal was the most appropriate tactical decision given the circumstances at the time. But if you did have a large assault force jamming the target is a no brainer.

As to my earlier comment, perhaps big SHIELD did know and this was a planned move. The only surprise to Coulson was why he was being kidnapped. But it does baffle me why SHIELD wouldn’t have told him if this is indeed the case.

Ya. Slightly different show. This is more kid orientated. Firefly was more adult oriented. That may be the specific distinction you are noticing.

Serious SHIELD didn’t work. Their quest for easy clean energy? Ya - we saw how that ended up - The Battle Of New York. That’s why Director Fury went with Coulson’s team. Just like he used The Avengers in New York. The Bus is meant to handle things differently and hopefully more effectively.

Damn, as always Shooter, I find myself agreeing with just about every point you’ve raised. Kudos to you sir!! I have no doubt that some of the “we had an idea all along” is going to come out in the next episode. I’ve been thinking a lot that maybe Coulson wanted to be captured to get to the bottom of Centipede and/or get himself inside their organization. Who knows – but there have been interesting twists earlier in the season, so I’m curious to see where it goes!

This gap between shows is awful…its half made me forget the events going on…borderline aggravating it is…

You don;t have to wait long. The next episode airs tomorrow.

Unintentional easter egg in this episode…

Kotaku: That Sure Looks Like Mass Effect Art in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD (for the more convincing caught red handed animation)
eurogamer: Marvel’s Agents of Shield spotted using Mass Effect 3 concept art (w/ Bioware’s chuckle tweets)

Wow that’s pretty blatant. I hope they got permission for it, or some proof that whoever submitted it as their own work lied to them.

Did everyone else give up on this show??? I hope not…it seems to be gaining steam I swear!!!

I’m still watching, but my wife has given up, so I try and find time to watch when she’s not excited to see something else. Seeds was interesting, but didn’t keep me on the edge of my seat. It was neat seeing the SHIELD Hogwarts, but I didn’t fully buy into it.

Lots of the articles online recently have been pointing to more named heroes being brought in, with the big reveal that Mike Peterson is [spoiler]Deathlock [/spoiler]which is kinda cool.

The problem is that I keep looking at how Arrow is pulling off a comic-book tv show, and fairly or not, comparing it. We’re getting awesome heroes and villains, great action, and a lead character that I care about and am rooting for.

/sigh - still watching though…

your spoiler was confirmed at the end of the last episode…my GF LOVES the show and it’s one of the shows we watch together (along with Helix which is FREAKY :o ), I’m enjoying it…but it doesn’t feel “special” least now it feels like its building towards something at least :slight_smile:

Lol, yeah, I actually watched it last night with sweetie and she actually said that it seemed like it was getting better.

I saw one more rumour on the internet re: [spoiler]Skye actually being Jessica Drew/Spiderwoman or a Kree [/spoiler]but I’m not sure I believe it. While it would be cool-ish, I think it’s stretching.

I would like to see some more typical SHIELD characters move into the TV universe though. While we aren’t going to get Black Widow anytime soon, they could totally bring long-time SHIELD agent Bobbi Morse AKA Mockingbird. Her character fits with the universe and would be a good bridge between the cinematic universe and the TV universe.

Nope. I didn’t. I’ve been watching all along. It’s developing nicely. Even though it’s not the movie Marvel Universe that I like it’s a decent scifi-ish show on TV in this day and era where no space scifi shows are on TV.

Personally I like both shows and both shows do very different things for different audiences. But the fact that we can peer into the comic booth superhero world through live-action television shows is pretty awesome.

For what it’s worth I completely agree with Stephen Amell’s comments on the subject seen HERE.

Good, I’m glad to see this show has a pulse on here (side note…anyone watching Helix, the new Ron Moore show? …my Gods :o )…it’s funny with the Arrow comparisons because my GF is getting me into Arrow…we’re going to watch more of it once we finish off Caprica and Blood n Chrome together so she’s seen all the BSG stuff as well :slight_smile:

I don’t really see parallels myself (yet)… Green Arrow was never as relevant in the DC-U as SHIELD seems to be in the Marvel Universe and SHIELD seems more ok with being part of the public eye, while Arrow wants to go the other way, I’m glad that Marvel’s starting to bring more Marvel characters into the series…it needs the connection badly with the Marvel stuff rather then being its own lil Island…wonder if/how they will tie in to the Captain America movie coming up…