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A mysterious force threatens Phil Coulson’s team when they bring in a StatiCorp safety inspector named Hannah Hutchins (Laura Seay) who is blamed for an explosion that killed some technicians at StatiCorp’s Particle Acceleration Complex where it is believed that she has manifested telekinesis. Fitz and Simmons plan a S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy-style prank on Skye revolving around May’s past. After the plane makes an emergency landing, they soon discover that the mysterious force is actually a Particle Acceleration Complex worker named Tobias Ford (Robert Baker) who is trapped between Earth and “Hell” (which Tobias believes that he is being dragged to) following the explosion and is targeting Hannah to protect her from those who were harm her, as he accidentally caused the explosion to get time with Hannah. After Tobias defeats Ward, May manages to defeat Tobias at a nearby barn and convince him to let go, causing Tobias to disappear. Skye is thanked by Phil Coulson for identifying Tobias Ford and getting to know more about May’s past. In the final scene, Coulson’s team plays a game of Upwords as Fitz comes in with shaving cream on his face, unaware that May was the one who pulled that prank. .

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[i]The headline on the front page of the local paper in Batesville, Utah reads “Laboratory Accident Kills 4.” The man reading the story has an issue with a young woman who enters his convenience store. He blames her for the death of a friend. The man jumps out from behind the counter. He’s angry. The young woman feels threatened. Soon items are flying off the shelf pelting the man standing before her. She swears she’s not responsible. The man flees the store to find gas pouring onto the ground. BOOM! An explosion rocks the store’s exterior. Inside, the young woman is devastated that this is happening to her again.

Ward lets May know that they should continue to keep their secret relationship a secret. Actually, he only tries to let her know this. She’s already left him to towel off from his shower alone. The team has a new mission. It involves the woman from the convenience store. Her name is Hannah Hutchins. Coulson lets Skye know that they are headed to Utah to verify that she’s a telekinetic. The town of Batesville blames her for the particle accelerator explosion that killed her coworkers.

An angry mob is camped in front of Hannah’s house when Coulson and the team arrive. They throw stuff at her on the front porch. Moments later, a police car without a driver speeds toward a protestor. Coulson tackles the man to move him out of harm’s way. He tries to calm a distraught Hannah. Nothing is working until… THWAP! May shoots Hannah with a gun that renders her unconscious. Time to go!

Fitz and Simmons send in a dwarf to gather intel on the explosion at the Particle Accelerator Complex. While doing so, they discuss the notion of pulling some pranks on Skye. After all, she is a rookie. They decide to concoct a story as to how May got her nickname of “The Cavalry.” It involves killing hundreds of mercenaries and riding in on a horse. Simmons can’t help but smile at their little fib.

Hannah is locked in a secure room. She blames herself for the deaths of those four people. She says that she had a technician named Tobias replace a faulty part. As the quality control supervisor, she believes she missed something. Coulson believes the accident may have caused her to obtain telekinetic ability. Hannah believes she’s being punished by God. She thinks she’s being haunted by demons. As Coulson discusses Hannah’s situation with the team, a figure can be seen in the background. It’s Tobias. The image is then gone in an instant.

Skye wants a chance to talk to Hannah. She learns the story about May’s nickname from Ward, who mysteriously loses the kitchen knife. Skye learns that Tobias filed three safety complaints against Hannah over the course of a month. Fitz doesn’t notice the figure behind him as he gathers some supplies. It’s Tobias. He grabs a heavy wrench and attacks Simmons in the lab. Once again, he’s gone in a flash. Simmons knows Hannah isn’t lying. There’s someone else on the plane. Tobias cuts the power to the bus. They are going down.

May and Ward make a rough emergency landing in an open field. Tobias knocks out the last remaining radio link. The search is on for the entity that’s torturing Hannah. Tobias appears suddenly carrying a large plumber’s wrench. He locks Fitz and Simmons in a room. Ward tries to overtake him, but Tobias keeps disappearing in mid-fight. The entity ultimately traps all three agents in a room. He sees the translucence of his hand before letting out a scream of rage. Then he’s gone again.

Skye lets Hannah know that something bad is out there. They talk about their belief in God. Skye eventually learns the real story behind “The Cavalry” legend. It wasn’t a rescue mission. It was a welcome event that went south. Coulson says May was different before she did what she had to do that day. She used to be a lot like Skye, who is suddenly taken hostage by Tobias. The guy is traveling back and forth between worlds. He wants Hannah.

Tobias goes after May, who pulls a disappearing act similar to his. Moments later, she’s dragging Hannah through the woods to a barn. She wants to use her as bait to draw out Tobias. The plan works. Tobias arrives. He battles with May. The entity gains the upper hand quickly.

Back on the bus, Skye realizes that Tobias complained about Hannah on purpose. He wanted her to notice him. He likes her. Tobias intentionally loosened some bolts to see her. When he saw that Hannah was getting blamed, he came back to this world to protect her. May tells him he needs to let her go. Tobias holds Hannah’s hand before disappearing forever. May used the same speech Coulson gave to her during that ill-fated event from her past to get this to happen.

Coulson lets Skye know that she’s good at reading people. That’s why he wanted her to pay attention to this case. It’ll help her be a great agent someday. Until then, she’ll continue to observe Agent May, who actually lets her take a seat beside her in the cockpit. It won’t be easy getting inside May’s head though. She’s a deep mystery—so much so that no one knows she’s the one who pranks Fitz at the end of this particular mission.[/i]

Please use this thread to discuss the series’ ninth overall and first season ninth episode Repairs. Rule: Please keep spoilers limited to those revealed during the series up to this episode only.

I’m kinda bummed…it feels like this show is running out of steam and FAST…the character insights just don’t seem to be doing anything to me…the “Tahiti mystery” looks to hang around forever…even the Calvary story explanation was…blah…I did like Fitz and Simmons trying to haze Skye like they were (I didn’t like May and Ward shacking up though…funny how May was even MORE icy after getting some action…heh)

I guess I was hoping this show was going to expose us to the B and C characters in the Marvel Universe and it just feels like a watered down X-Files that doesn’t know if it wants to be a funny or serious show and I don’t know how much more this show has left…am I just being too tough on it??

Huh. I came in here to say how much I liked the episode, especially compared to the two before it. If all the one-off episodes are like this one I’ll be a very happy man indeed. Decent character building, good hints at May’s back story (I knew Coulson was directly involved!), decent if a little bit treading on spoilery (I don’t know because I haven’t seen it yet) tie-in with Thor 2, engaging plot with a twist that admittedly they’ve used before (Surprise! The person they thought was doing it wasn’t actually doing it!) but played out well. No massive plot holes (that I saw at least) and May smirking at the end.

Yup, pretty much what I expect from the show and if they keep it up they’ll keep me watching.

This episode definitely seemed to be different than the rest of the series. I would agree that the background character insights have stopped doing anything for me. The Calvary story didn’t have the gravity I’m sure it was meant to. May’s Calvary story was a Welcome Wagon event gone wrong, and May was trying to protect Skye the entire episode because of it. But unless you thought about it, it wasn’t really obvious during the episode. Basically the reveal seemed like a fizzle rather than a true explosion like it should have been. Plus we didn’t get any progress at all with Tahiti and Coulson in this episode.

Did you like May’s last prank on Fitz? Icy, but she is starting to open up.

I would agree that the connections to the rest of the Marvel Universe seem thin at best so far. They are there - Gravitron, Agent Victoria Hand, etc - but it is very subtle and hard for someone new to the Marvel Universe to pick out.

Am I chomping at the bit to see the next episode? No. But will I still watch it? Yes. For now. Remember, this is Joss Wheddon we’re talking about. Hopefully he will be able to pull through eventually for us.

This episode definitely had a different feel to it than the rest of the season. It’s hard for me to put my finger on it. Maybe it was because it was dark without the concern we saw in F.Z.Z.T… Maybe it was because I didn’t notice off the bat any of the quotable Marvel Universe lines that seem to be trailing off from the series as it progresses on. Maybe it was the lack of the Tahiti story arc. I don’t know for sure. I’ll keep thinking about it, though.

At first I thought they were continuing to toy with us about May’s Calvary story. But after the episode completed I had to acknowledge that they gave us all that we will ever know about it. Knowing closes off that mystery but it felt like a letdown to me. Hopefully the Tahiti mystery with Coulson won’t have the same fizzle with me. It was heartening to know that Coulson specifically wanted May near him so he could help her find herself again. That seems like something the new Coulson would do. In fact, it seems like something the old Coulson would do as well.

Since it’s been so long since I saw Thor 2 and the true advertised Thor 2 tie-in last episode I didn’t give the Thor 2 mention a second thought. Like last episode it refers to something that happened but doesn’t give away any of the plot. I don’t consider either to be true spoilers but it does point out the fine line they are going to have with true tie ins between the individual movies and this ongoing series. There has to be a better way to do this.

I’m glad you enjoyed the episode. The ratings were skyrocketed compared to the entire series so far. Hopefully it will continue to find it’s mark and get better each week.

The whole Laboratory Accident in Batesville had Marvel written all over it like Hulk or Spiderman. Hannah Hutchins is really too sweet to become a hardened superhero. She is a safety expert after all plus she never misses a Facebook birthday post to her friends, runs the youth programs at her church and rescues dogs. Can you image her - especially her personality - in the middle of the Battle Of New York?

I didn’t catch it the first time I watched it but May is half way getting dressed in the hotel room with Ward. But by the time she gets to the bus she is pressed and dressed, looking razor sharp.

Skye’s right, the “Index Asset Evaluation And Intake” process needs a new name. Although Welcome Wagon doesn’t seem like a good name either.

The team rolls up with their Torchwood-like SUV which brings to question Lola. We haven’t seen Lola in action in a while. Might be time to let Lola off the plane.

May is understandably touchy with the first contact situation. She sees things escalating quickly and decides to take action by sedating Hannah. In retrospect it is hard to believe that Tobias Ford would have allowed this to happen to Hannah. By all accounts he would have seen this as an attack against Hannah and gone postal on our team at Hannah’s house but he waits until they are in the plane instead. That part confused me a bit, especially on the second time through.

The whole dark/night-time scary monster set thing is very difficult to watch with lights on in the room. For the record I don’t enjoy it at all. It’s not because I thought it was scary. It’s because it was difficult for me to see anything. I had to watch it a second time in a completely dark room.

the Particle Accelerator researching the Thor 2 portals is so something the old S.H.I.E.L.D. would have done pre-Battle Of New York. Obviously that’s a big part of what S.H.I.E.L.D. does is to protect the planet not only against alien invaders but also against our own planet’s people trying to fool with the laws of nature as shown to us by these supernatural events. Still, you would think a government agency would have more sense after the Tesseract disasters.

I wonder where exactly Tobias was phase shifting off to. He describes it as hell but where exactly was it?

The way Coulson described The Calvary it makes me think May was involved with the “gifted individual” either romantically or family. I don’t think we’re 100% done with the incident in Bahrain. Especially the words Coulson said to May in Bahrain. But for now we have what we need to know.

It is such a shame that Coulson lost his S.H.I.E.L.D. watch in order to escape his office onboard the bus - one of only 20 made. Maybe someone will get him a Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch for Christmas to replace it.

With such a dark episode the pranks were definitely necessary. But I expect more from the end tag scene. This one kinda have an 80’s ChiP’s laughing moment freeze frame quality to it. I hope they do better next time.

We also didn’t see any movement in the story of the Girl With The Flower Dress, The Clairvoyant or the old man in the jail.

In the ratings department for this week Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. posted an incredible 9.69 rating, up an amazing 2.8 from last week leaving a new season average of 8.254. On the other hand Person Of Interest in arguably their best show of the fall season by leaps and bounds pulled a 11.89, down 0.39 from last week and leaving a new season average of 12.27. I’m excited to see how both shows do in the new year - especially since there was a major spoilery reason why Person Of Interest dropped off. But that was taken care of in a spectacular way so next year should start off with a bang for Person Of Interest.

Notable Quotes:

Simmons: “Sir, the Department Of Energy’s declared the particle acceleration lab too dangerous to enter.”
Fitz: “But the good news is we still think we can retrieve the disaster event data from the instruments.”
Simmons: “We’ll determine the cause and see if there’s any correlation between telekinesis spontaneously forming and a particle accelerator exploding.”
Coulson: “Well, it does use giant magnets to fire billions of subatomic particles into their antiparticles at the speed of light to create miniature big bangs so it seems like a good place to start…I read.”

Without spoiling anything from this week’s episode…but all that I was complaining about with Agents of SHIELD, just got smashed to pieces, swept up into a dustpan and politely thrown out the window!! Continuity, old pieces setup being put into play and big questions starting to be answered…and just…WOW…y’all need to hurry and watch it so it can be discussed!!!


Just watched The Bridge tonight and setup the new thread. I’m sorry it took me a couple of days. The holidays have been busy around here.

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No worry…I was excited to discuss it, and felt bad on being close to the edge of punching out on the show the week before!!