Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1.07 The Hub **** SPOILERS ****

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Coulson and his team arrive at a base called the S.H.I.E.L.D Hub and are given an assignment by it’s director Agent Victoria Hand (Saffron Burrows). The assignment calls for Ward and Fitz to head to South Ossetia and disable a weapon device called the Overkill. Skye and Simmons try to find out more information about the mission, since they are not privy to details about the mission which has been classified as Level 8. Simmons manages to tranquilize Agent Jasper Sitwell who catches her in the act of hacking into top secret Level 8 files. Skye deduces from the information that there is no extraction team coming to pick up Ward and Fitz as Coulson learns about this upon catching her. After a talk with Victoria Hand, Coulson and the team proceed to rescue Ward and Fitz (who manage to disable the Overkill device) as S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents move in on the compound. Coulson did find out that the person who brought Skye to the orphanage when she was young was an as-yet-unidentified S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent. However, Coulson does not tell her the full truth about the file and asks May to discreetly investigate the matter further. In the final scene, Coulson (wanting to find out about his recuperation in Tahiti) is denied access to the Level 8 information despite his high level S.H.I.E.L.D. clearance as the person he calls up about it asks if he would like to get approval from Nick Fury about it. Coulson declines and hangs up.

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[i]Coulson is dragged into an underground bunker by some soldiers who warn that he’s about to meet the interrogator, who is actually an undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. agent named Shaw. The time has come for the end of his assignment. Ward and May storm the area. They take out the bad guys and lead everyone to an escape route from the Siberian prison. Once aboard the bus, Simmons removes the intel Shaw accumulated by pulling a small vile from his nose. The team is bringing the information to a classified location known as the Hub.

The mission that evolves from the intelligence gathered by Shaw is classified Level 8. Agent Victoria Hand lets Coulson know that a separatist group has built a weapon known as the overkill device. They plan to use it to declare their independence from Russia and Georgia. It produces sonic vibrations that could trigger weapons from a great distance. Skye and Simmons are not part of the briefing. Neither is Fitz, but he is part of the mission. His expertise is needed in the field to disable the weapon. Coulson orders Ward to take care of his partner.

Ward has a contact that can get them across the border, but the guy turns out to be dead. He and Fitz are about to be blown away by locals when the lights go out. This puts the execution on hold. Fitz endears himself to his captors by fixing the fuse box that he shorted out in the first place. Ward is impressed, as his partner’s actions have them headed across the border. Patrol soldiers try to capture the agents, but Ward is able to neutralize them. He and Fitz go on the run and into hiding. Ward tosses a sandwich Simmons made away. Fitz is furious, and hungry. But search dogs would have picked up the scent. This is just Ward following Coulson’s orders.

Skye is frustrated that she’s in the dark regarding the mission. She ropes Simmons into helping her get some details. As it turns out, Coulson is having a hard time keeping secrets from his team. A talk with May (where he does all the talking) has him realizing he needs to trust the system. As for his still-in-the-dark agents, they are trying to get info from a restricted hallway. Simmons is stopped by Agent Sitwell. Her attempts to sweet talk her way out of this mess go nowhere fast. So she shoots the guy with a stun gun. Skye tells her to get May as she tries to hack her way into finding out the status of Ward and Fitz.

Skye comes across a series of redacted documents. She finds the file she needs to learn that there’s no extraction scheduled. She tells Coulson that Ward and Fitz were sent in there to die. She wants to know if he knew there was no extraction plan. Coulson says that information is classified. He then confronts Agent Hand, who had told him there was an extraction team in place. It was a lie. It was told so an unproven agent like Fitz wouldn’t lose focus on the mission. Hand tells Coulson he needs to trust the system.

Out in the field, Ward and Fitz are able to hitch a ride into the compound containing the device through some clever camouflage maneuvers. They go to work. Fitz dives into the tech end while Ward signals for extraction. He gets an uneasy look on his face after doing so. Fitz takes apart the weapon but disabling it will take time. He has 10 minutes. Ward tells Fitz the extraction team is a bust. He wants him to vacate the area. Fitz isn’t going anywhere. Not until the mission is complete.

May, Skye and Simmons make plans to become an instant extraction team. It’ll be just the three of them until Coulson lets them know that four would be better. At the compound, Fitz disables the device. They need to get out of there before the bad guys realize this. Too late. Alarms sound. S.H.I.E.L.D. has begun their attack on the compound. Ward takes out several soldiers while Fitz immobiles the rest thanks to modifications he made on the weapon he swiped. However, they are surrounded once they step outside. It doesn’t look good until Agent May pulls up in the bus. The cavalry has arrived.

Back at the Hub, Agent Sitwell says that the field agents are in the clear. He thought there wasn’t an extraction team. Agent Hand says, “It’s Agent Coulson’s team. They didn’t need one.” On the bus, Fitz lets Simmons know that the sandwich she made for him was delicious. His partner lets him know she shot a superior officer in the chest. It’s been a full day.

Coulson lets Skye know that he did some digging in regards to the redacted file on her past. He says the person who dropped her off at the orphanage when she was young was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. It may have been her mother or someone who just found her on a doorstep. Skye gives him a big hug for finding out this much. Coulson is still holding something back because some secrets are meant to stay secret. He asks May to help him find out what really happened as they both gaze down at a photo of what looks to be a dead body.

Coulson tries to use his Level 8 clearance to access a restricted file. He’s looking for a death and recovery report on a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. He’s mostly interested in the recovery part. It took place in Tahiti. Coulson is denied access to that particular file. The agent he speaks with on the phone asks if he’d like to make a formal request to Agent Fury. Coulson pauses for a moment before letting him know that won’t be necessary. It seems some secrets truly are meant to stay secret.[/i]

Please use this thread to discuss the series’ seventh overall and first season seventh episode The Hub. Rule: Please keep spoilers limited to those revealed during the series up to this episode only.

While watching Fitz try to push the cart through the sliding door
Me: You know this show it a little bit like ‘Get Smart’?
Mom: Yep.

I was sort of wondering during that scene/bit why his bus-mates didn’t come to help him.

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Because it was waaaayyyy more fun to watch him try it himself! :slight_smile:

Its hard to help when you’re busting a nut laughing at him looking like a fool :smiley:

There were a couple of things I didn’t like about this episode… SHIELD doesn’t seem the type to leave people out to dry for no good reason like that
but the bigger thing I didn’t like was Skye acting like a spoiled five year old…wahhhh, daddy won’t let me see the plans…no shit…you haven’t EARNED it…in that context I was a bit annoyed there was no consequence in them 1. attacking a SHIELD agent … 2. Breaking into the system … 3. planning an unapproved extraction…

maybe this comes into play in the future as they won’t be brought in on the big ops anymore…but then again, they’re dealing with the Thor incident next week…

Ya, I had a lot of issues with this episode in general. Big SHIELD isn’t a cold, heartless organization. You don’t automatically sign up for SHIELD and expect to be sent on a suicide mission without knowledge that’s it’s a suicide mission. And if it was that friggin’ easy to extract them why the frak didn’t SHIELD think of it in the first place?

I’m conflicted about the Skye character during this episode. She was specifically brought in to think outside the box by Coulson yet she not only incited full insubordinate behavior of Simmons but illegally hacked into the stand-alone Hub SHIELD computer system. She also did the right thing and diverted her hacktivist activities towards helping save Ward and Fitz rather than her own personal selfish needs. I guess I come from a perspective that Need To Know means Need To Know and that Coulson’s original standpoint on the issue was the correct one. But it clearly failed in this instance and even Coulson had to change his opinion.

And talking about Coulson - Fury has clearly restricted Coulson from learning exactly what happened to him. But you KNOW Fury is going to be told what Coulson requested. The faltering in the Hub when he said “Tahiti is a magical…place” was very noticable. This is a plot we won’t see stuffed somewhere.

Part of my issue with this episode is that there was no clear tie-in to the Avengers Movies. There was also no notiable quotes into the Avenger’s Universe. This was truly the first episode Shield tried on its own and it failed to bring the big bang that I expect from this show.

The rating fell again to 6.67 this week. I’ll have more to say on this episode after I watch it again but this was not my favorite episode. I’m hoping for more from this show next week.


Well if Phil isn’t Phil and is just a clone or an LMD, would you want Phil to know it? Probably not…

I don’t mind them stepping away from the Avenger Universe, but to totally ignore all the Marvel super-people possibilities like they are seems foolish to me…probably why they’re losing viewers…

I just saw no reason why SHIELD had to be the ones going in to dismantle this device. Does SHIELD totally ignore country special forces? Plus who made the device? Whoever it is can always make another one. I would assume that you’d have to go and take out the inventor/builder as well.

I’ll have more to say about ratings tonight.

Would I want Coulson to know? No. Not originally. But he does know something is wrong. He is questioning it hard. First with the full physcial workup and now with the document request. If he is starting to distrust SHIELD than he could be a terrible liability. If I was Fury I would call him in for a chat and fully disclose what he is or what exactly happened to him, else it is just going to get worse.


That’s season finale kinda stuff though…at least from the story telling perspective…

This is building very rapidly. It’s not going to last until the season finale. Now resolution to Raina, the old gentleman in jail and the clairvoyant? That is season finale stuff.

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While I enjoyed parts of this episode, I think I’m moving towards being truly on the fence, and from a long time Marvel fan-boy (Avengers specifically) and a Whedonite, I can’t believe I’m saying that.

Given how Fury manipulates people in the comics, SHIELD has the potential and track record of, at times, being cold and heartless. However, I totally agree that you don’t throw high-value assets into a suicide mission without telling them. Telling your team there is no extraction allows them to start planing when they have boots on the ground for an ad hoc extraction/exit. Kinda weak and I agree, especially for an organization that has self propelled dog-sleds for a 100 meter dash to the bus following an armed extraction from a secret arctic base. And yeah, flying a VTOL jumbo jet into an assault seemed like a pretty easy extraction; having an extraction point just outside the camp where a quinjet could bolt in and extract your team would have been even better. Or how about a three person team with one on overwatch outside the base with a sniper rifle providing cover support for the exit. Hmmmm. They made such a big deal out of a two-person team, but the truck that took them over the border could have carried more, the drainage culvert could have carried more. Unless the accountants figured out the mission was only break even if they lost two agents.

AND come to think of it. If there was no extraction plan, there was no point in dismantling the weapon. Once they figured it out, the mission parameters would have changed:
Ward: Hang on, if they don’t expect us to get out of here, they don’t expect to get the device back to the Hub.
Simmons: Good point. Let me unplug a couple wires then chuck a block of C4 in here. No point wasting all this time.
Ward: Yeah, they’re gonna strafe the shit out of this place anyways whether we make it out or not.

Given how they keep putting the Tahiti issue in front of us each week, I’m at the “ok, just frackin’ deal with it” point already. If they had subtly teased bits of it in a few episodes here and there it would still be a mystery. Now it’s just annoying. Something big happened guys, we get it. I would much rather have had that or a Coulson-centric episode linking all the reveals and then cliff-hanging us instead of the way we’re being fed it.

There was a tie in, but it was pretty subtle unless you follow the comics.

Coulson reported to Victoria Hand (Don’t follow the link to Wikipedia if you don’t want her back story - it may play into the Winter Soldier storyline based on the trailer, or into what Whedon has in store for us.)

Yeah, totally with you. There was also extraneous bits (i.e. “fluff”) in the assault like the ‘window’. Basically recycling the same gag they used when looking through the backscatter x-ray at the ‘short-bus’. Cool tech, but broke me out of the story and the tension of an assault.

Yeah; there’s outside the box and then there’s ‘why are they tolerating this crap’. Shield has to have access to in-house white-hat hackers that have some more discipline than Skye, unless Shooter’s IT-savant theory about her pans out.

One thing also bugged me. So Coulson finds out that a SHIELD agent dropped Skye off at an orphanage when she was a baby, but Coulson keeps that to himself. While normally I’d say that makes sense, it seems like the WHOLE MORAL OF THIS EPISODE was “Share information with your friends and teammates”.

Somehow Joss found a balance between tension and moments of comedy throughout the Avengers. The battle of NY was intense, but the moments of levity never took me out of the moment, even on re-watches on the small screen. I don’t get the same feeling of balance with AoS.

Here’s the thing: am I going to keep watching? Yes, for now. Knowing next week is the Thor tie-in actually made me go out and see Thor earlier than I was going to, so that’s something. But I can’t help but thinking that if this was the Coulson + Ward & May (as second string Barton & Romanov) show, and they checked into Q-division (Fitz-Simmons) to gear-up, I’d be way more into it.

iO9 has a pretty brutal view on why AoS seems to be failing HERE. While it’s only one writer’s perspective, they do have a point.

Notable Quotes:

Skye: “Right, but this is normally the part where we all stand around the Holocom and we learn about stuff. I mean, aren’t we all on the same team?”
Fitz: “No need to get started on one of your socialist riffs.”
Simmons: “S.H.I.E.L.D.’s whole infrastructure is based on the hierarchy and compartmentalization of intelligence.”
Ward: “Every Agent can’t have the intel on every mission. It makes the entire organization vulnerable.”
Skye: “Ok. Fine. But if I just fought my way out of an underground Siberian prison I’d kind of want to know what for.”
May: “Coulson’s got you used to the plane. The way we do missions here. The Hub is different.”
Skye: “The Hub? What’s The Hub?”

Skye: “Didn’t realize Big Brother was this…big.”
Simmons: “Oh this is nothing, wait until you see the Triskelion.”
Skye: “Everyone’s is wearing the same suit. Someone tell me why, please?”

Skye: “Well, Agent May is Level 7. Maybe she can give us an update on their mission. Does that mean that you do know something or that you don’t know anything? Which non-expression is this?’
May: “We know what we’re supposed to. When we have more information we’ll react.”

Hand: “It must be nice to be off that plane. I understand you’re almost through your recovery.”
Coulson: “The plane has nothing to do with my recovery.”
Hand: “I only know what I’ve read. It seems Fury has a soft spot for his favorites. Not everyone gets sent to Tahiti.”
Coulson: “It’s a magical…place.”
Hand: “All I meant was it must feel good to be back in the big leagues.”
Coulson: “Two of my Agents are the key to this operation. I never left the bigs.”
Hand: “Let’s hope they’re as good as you think they are.”

Ward: “How long can you hold your breath under water?”
Fitz: “I don’t know.”
Ward: “Are you familiar with the term slam and cram?”
Fitz: “No, and I don’t think I want to be.”
Ward: “How attached are you to your pinky?”
Fitz: “Very very attached and before you ask another terrifyingly vague question let me be clear: any plan that involves even one of those scenarios isn’t going to work for me.”

Ward: “2 Million Rubles. We need to work on your negotiation skills.”
Fitz: “I thought they were like pesos.”

Coulson: “Sorry, am I disturbing you? You know I like this plane. I like the way we do things here. Everyone’s on the same page. No red tape. So far, it’s working for us….most of us. And maybe I’m getting soft but I don’t like keeping things from our team. If you knew….No. You’re right. Level 8. But… I know. Trust the system. May, Thanks.”

Coulson: “What did I tell you?”
Skye: “You told me to trust The System. And The System sent Ward and Fitz in there to die.”

Coulson: “I told you I’d get answers about your family.”
Skye: “That’s not what I was looking for. I was trying to find out what was happening with Ward and Fitz.”
Coulson: “That’s a classified operation.”
Skye: “It’s a suicide mission. I saw it all. The troop placements. The aerial assault. Once Ward and Fitz disable that device there’s going to be a huge attack on that compound with no extraction plan and you hid that from us.”
Coulson: “I didn’t hide anything from you. You don’t have the clearance to know that.”
Skye: “Is that really what S.H.I.E.L.D. is all about? Level 5’s are more expendable than Level 8? Is that all we are, just a number to you?”
Coulson: “Are you done?”
Skye: “I don’t know, am I?”
Coulson: “If S.H.I.E.L.D. keeps a secret from you it’s for a good reason.”
Skye: “So they can hold all the secrets?”
Coulson: “Don’t interrupt. You just hacked a Level 8 secure server, saw operational plans that you have no context for. If details get out the whole operation could be compromised. Lives could be lost. Ward and Fitz among them.”
Skye: “I know. Those are two people we care about. On the plane you’re always telling me to think outside the box so I went off book cause I was trying to watch their backs.”
Coulson: “Our team can go off book because there is a book. A Hub. An organization watching our backs. You claim that you want to be part of that. A S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent. Do you?”
Skye: “Yes.”
Coulson: “Because some day I may have to trust you with a secret and I need to know that you can keep it.”
Skye: “Can I ask you one question?”
Coulson: “What?”
Skye: “Did you know there was no extraction plan for Ward and Fitz?”
Coulson: “That’s classified.”

Fitz: “Simmons calls it ‘A Magic Window.’ You’d probably guess, is that X-ray technology? No, actually S-Band microwave antenna embedded in the sheet. Much more like a radar system really. Ok. Let’s see. Okay. Okay, we have two guards on the West wall both carrying automatic weapons. Correction, they’ve got three guards. We have three guards now. Oh, my God. Oh, my God Ward he’s attacking the others. He’s coming straight for us. Ward! Ward?!”
Ward: “Hurry. Inside.”
Fitz: “Aaaaaah. That makes sense now.”

Ward: “Doesn’t look like it can take a jet out of the sky.”
Fitz: “Well you should know by now Agent Ward that looks can be deceiving. This is going to take a while.”
Ward: “You have ten minutes.”
Fitz: “I thought you’d say five.”

Hand: “Agent Sitwell is in the infirmary. Apparently a member of your team rendered him unconscious.”
Coulson: “A misunderstanding. I’ll handle the matter internally.”
Hand: “Tranquilizing an Agent does not qualify as a misunderstanding.”
Coulson: “You’re right. But being told there’s an extraction team in place when in fact there isn’t, that does. I’m Level 8. I’m entitled to information regarding the welfare of my team. You should have told me.”
Hand: “It seems I didn’t have to. And what would have changed Agent Coulson. You yourself have designed dozens of operations like this. You know how this works.”
Coulson: “Usually with an extraction plan.”
Hand: “Barton, Romanov, they never have an extraction plan.”
Coulson: “They know that going in.”
Hand: “Agent Fitz is unproven in the field and knowing would have caused him to lose focus or courage.”
Coulson: “That should have been my call.”
Hand: “I wasn’t sure you’d comply. Your team includes an electronically tagged non-Agent who is notorious for leaking secrets. Which reminds me, how did you get this information again?”
Coulson: “I know what the safety of a thousand men is worth. I know the importance of taking the Overkill device out of play. But I also know MY MEN. AND WHAT THEY’RE WORTH. The decision to go in should have been theirs to make.”
Hand: “Perhaps. But you need to trust The System Agent Coulson.”

Fitz: “I am every bit the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent that you are.”
Ward: “Whoa. You don’t have anything to prove. What you said about me always needing to swoop in? I know you would have jumped out of the plane to save Simmons. And she knows that too.”
Fitz: “I’m not trying to prove anything to anyone. Okay? Before we left you’re not the only one that Coulson talked to okay? He told me to take care of you too. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m not going anywhere. You understand? I’m bloody starving.”

May: “You got the information. Now we react.”
Skye: “We’re going to get our guys.”
May: “Somebody has to.”
Simmons: “What about the S.H.I.E.L.D. assault?”
May: “We won’t interfere. You don’t need a battalion for an extraction. Three can pull it off.”
Coulson: “Four is better.”
Skye: “You’re in? I thought we all had to be Level 8 to discuss this?”
Coulson: “We’re not discussing anything.”

Fitz: “It’s the extraction team!”
Ward: “Better. It’s the Calvary. Never get tired of seeing that.”

Hand: “Are Coulson’s people clear?”
Sitwell: “They are. I thought they wasn’t going to be an extraction.”
Hand: “All our resources were needed elsewhere and it’s Agent Coulson’s Team. They didn’t need one.”

Ward: “Thanks for coming to get us sir.”
Coulson: “We take care of our own.”

Simmons: “Oh. The sandwich. How was it? Too much aioli?
Fitz: “It was delicious.”

Fitz: “I had Ward’s back the whole time. Pretty much saved him from a gang of Russian mobsters. And kicked a few guys’ heads in. Oh. But enough mission talk already. Anything exciting happen at The Hub?”
Simmons: “I shot a superior officer in the chest.”

Coulson: “You finish reading it yet?”
May: “What’d you tell her?”
Coulson: “The truth. I told her a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent dropped her off at the orphanage.”
May: “But you didn’t tell her why.”
Coulson: “I can’t. Some secrets are meant to stay secret. Will you help me find out what really happened?”
May: “Dangerous waters. … But I can try.”
Coulson: “Thank you.”
May: “Poor girl.”

Man: “Company.”
Coulson: “Yes I need access to a restricted file. Bravo Charlie Yankee 307604.”
Man: “Authorization code?”
Coulson: “X-Ray 2896.”
Man: “You’re looking for a death and recovery report, sir?”
Coulson: “Yes. For a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent. Mostly interested in his recovery. It took place in Tahiti.”
Man: “I’m sorry but you don’t have access to that document, sir.”
Coulson: “There must be some mistake. I’m Level 8. I have clearance for that file.”
Man: The system indicates that you don’t. Would you like me to submit a formal request to Director Fury, sir?”
Coulson: “No. Thank you.”

The third and last time through this episode I concentrated on the dialog. The episode had glaring plot holes. But the dialog is tight.
-The thread of the sandwich and what it symbolizes of the Fitz-Simmons relationship up to and including when Fitz tells Simmons it was delicious at the end.
-The double thread of Coulson protecting Skye from what really happened to the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent that dropped her off at the orphanage versus Coulson being prevented from accessing his Tahiti recovery file
– Classification and need to know is for your own good
– Trust in the system
– Hand withholding information about Ward and Fitz

  • Fitz taking care of Ward and proving he’s every bit of a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent that he is
  • May living up to her reputation as The Cavalry
  • Skye choosing Ward and Fitz’ safety over he quest for personal knowledge

So The meaning behind the episode is well stated. The Plot, however, was poorly executed - unless it was all a ploy to make Coulson’s team watch each other’s backs.

The only thing I can think of is to “Trust In The System.” Perhaps this was all a test to see if they could pull together and look out for each other no matter what. A test that could only be put in place by Director Fury. And we do know that he is capable of such a thing.

So if Fury is putting in place a system to check on Coulson perhaps the Tahiti statement is a health factor. If Coulson says “It’s a magical place” without fail they know they’re plan is working. If he starts faltering with it then they know something is going wrong or he’s becoming self aware or something. Also, I’m pretty sure they used that setup between Coulson and Skye about Coulson trusting Skye with a secret specifically for this instance. Stay tuned kids, it’s going to be a rocky road before we get there.

I kind of want to stay spoiler free on the SHIELD EU for now. There’s no specific reason other than I like the reveals as they come along.

They kind of did this gag twice in the show. There was Coulson’s conversation with an exercising and silent May and then this one between Fitz and Ward over the window. Great use of comic relief while moving the story along in both cases.

Yes, there is definitely a reason Skye is around and there is a reason why Coulson is helping her. Although Coulson’s original reason is probably morphing more into she’s one of MY TEAM and “We take care of our own” mentality. Skye is very talented. It’s not anyone who can think outside the box and hack a Level 8 stand along system, even if it’s only for 3 minutes. So hopefully her skills and trust level will increase through the season but she will always be the outsider. Much like Chuck Bartowski was always the outsider even when he was a fully trained and capable operative even without The Intersect.

Yes that bugged me at first that Coulson kept full knowledge of the event from Skye. But I see the two stories always being intertwined. And the team will always look out for each other and eventually pull together to find out what Coulson is and how he got to be this way.

We’ll see if the ratings continue to slide following the Thor tie in. Which reminds me - I have two movies to watch this weekend., Ender and Thor.


This week was week 7 for Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. and week 8 for Person Of Interest on the season. SHIELD continued its slip from 7.15 to 6.67 and a new ratings average of 8.24 for the season. Person Of Interest, on the other hand, rebounded back up to a 12.6 rating - it’s 2nd highest of the season with a new rating average of 12.32. I’ve already stated why I continue to compare SHIELD and Person of Interest.

SHIELD’s ratings are still not as bad as ABC’s V’s ratings were in 2009. In week 7 the ABC series V had slipped down to a 5.61 rating and a 8.47 average. I’m expecting a 1-2 point ratings jump for the SHIELD-Thor tie in next week which would then far outperform V in week 8. Why the constant comparison with V? They are both ABC scifi series and V was ultimately cancelled. Now that Marvel is wading into the Netflix original series pool Marvel and thus ABC might consider SHIELD expendable. then again, they might consider SHIELD the flagship weekly stall worth series that they consider the backbone of the Marvel comic universe to maintain interest between blockbuster movies. At least for now.

Either way, here’s hoping we see a ratings rebound next week. This series does have potential. I’d like to see that potential.


Weak episode with plot holes so big, you could (and they did) fly The Bus through them. Probably the weakest episode of the series yet.

No immediate plans to watch Thor, now I have to decide if that will keep me from watching episode 8, and if I don’t watch it if I ever bother to come back. Not 100% sure this is what they wanted for this show.

Initially I thought the same thing. But take a look at the dialog I quoted a few posts back in this thread. There’s some definite heart to this show veiled in there.

We’ve got Coulson learning to distrust the system and believe in his team instead - all the while trying to teach Skye to Trust In The System.
We’ve got Fitz coming into his own.
We’re got Simmons playing the bad girl.
We’ve got Skye looking out for her teammates before herself.
We’ve got May playing The Calvary.
We’ve got movement of Skye’s parent’s story arc.
We’ve got movement of Coulson’s story arc.
We saw a little bit more of the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization with The Hub.

Yes, I will not argue with you. There were some pretty big plot holes in this. But it was the best dialog yet of the season. The team is really coming together through some tough issues. I would recommend giving it a little bit more. This is Whedon after all. He’s earned my trust until he takes it away.

And my plans are to catch Thor tomorrow afternoon.


See Thor anyway (and stay through ALL the credits too)…I’m curious to see what little role they play in the big scope…but Thor was a fun movie on its own and should be watched and enjoyed :slight_smile:

Oh I’ll see Thor… eventually. I’m not big on going to the theater and frankly I think I’d rather catch Star Trek or Ender’s Game first, which I likely won’t even do.

DVD is just so much more attractive to me, with my big tv and ability to pause to go to the bathroom or look someone up on IMDB. Not to mention no morons talking through the movie or kicking my seat back.

Maybe it’s just because I’m old(er)…there’s still nothing like seeing stuff in the theaters…especially with the newer stadium seats or if you go all out to one of them dinner theater places (Jamie does like those too)

but that’s kinda off topic here :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m willing to give the show a whole season, and as many holes as this one had (and they did annoy me)…it wasn’t enough to drop it from the DVR…yet…the next two episodes better step up…I feel they owe us something…

I feel like the show has gotten much stronger the last couple weeks. And I’m looking forward to the Thor tie in this week