Map of the 12 Colonies

I guess an official map has been released to detail the structure of the system(s) that contain the 12 Colonies. It is actually quite detailed and esthetically pleasing. You can check it out here at with an interview with Jane Espenson and science advisor Kevin Grazier.

ok–THIS is frakkin awesome! Good find sir!

The higher-res picture on io9 is okay, but I want it as an educational poster in my office. Where can I get?

Preorder today.

Oh, and did you see that it was signed by Jane as “Colonial Deputy Secretary of Education”?

One thing that I would have found interesting that wasn’t on there is what gravity each of the colonies had.

::cough:: nerd. ::cough::


I was assuming the down kind… :wink:

Actually it’s a good question.

Great, always how I imaged it should be. For a civilization with FTL drives, there really isn’t need to imagine all colonies having to be inside one star system.

I’m pulling the trigger on this one. It’s really nice, brings back great memories from the series.

Ironically, I just finished my re-watch on Netflix, finishing up EARLY this morning with Daybreak Pt. 1, 2 and 3. Bittersweet, but not without hope, like the first time!

awesome, this will be a must buy

Awesome, but Im a little disappointed that Medra isnt on there.
Or maybe Im blind and cant see it.

Shiny, I want one.