Macross Zero question?

I have been reading around and tearing my memory apart and I can’t find any other referance to the “Bird Human” mech thing.

What is your take on it? Is is Protdevlin? Is it something else?

I think it’s a unique alien artifact, but I also watched a fan-sub when I saw it… so I could have missed something in translation.

  1. He’s talking about Macross Zero, not Zero no Tsukaima. Here’s a link for the series.

  2. I see this is your first post, so you may not know this. But, people are polite and non-confrontational here at GWC.

  3. This sub-forum is the perfect place for that question. No rules were broken.

  4. The original post is not about anime news. Are you at the right web site? I’m not asking to be mean. I want to know if I or someone else can point you to the right place?

Edit: To answer roosterpfunk69’s question, I don’t know. I’d have to watch it again and I have so much new manga and anime to get through that I don’t know when I will.

Edit edit: Post was deleted. nervous smile

another macross related question i’m watching some frontier and the word deculture keeps coming up; anyone know what it means?

Deculture (de culcha)

A Zentradi/Meltrandi expletive statement often spoken to communicate the feeling of shock. Included within the books for the Macross: Do You Remember Love? limited edition remastered DVD set, there’s a list of Zentraedi/Meltrandi words and their Japanese/English translations. “De culcha” is translated as “stupid thing” or “terrifying thing”. By themselves, “de” means “no” or acts as a negative prefix, and “culcha” means “wonderful thing”. The closest english approximation would be the phrase “What the hell” in response to experiencing something shocking or bizarre. The phrase can also be used in a positive context, often spoken as a catch phrase for advertising.

Meanings: (It is) unbelievable. (It was) surprised. (It) frightens.

thanks dude your like the anime yoda of GWC

p.s. macross is awesome

Nope. I’m just a jedi at google. d:

Finished macross frontier got to say its everything that I love and hate about anime. Cool kick butt space action and for some reason, pop songs change the universe, which I’ve made peace with. But why in the love of instant noodles do they have to objectify women like that? I mean I spend enough time in the gutter, not throw stones. But jeez.