look what i got!

my friend found this for me in his pile of cool stuff…

i just got him started on the mini and i think i may have made a fan of him. :slight_smile:

now i gotta go find a 9 volt battery so i can play this and blast some toasters!

That is SOOOOO cool! I wonder if they have them on Ebay.

I had one of those!
I got it for Christmas along with a Simon.
I played it so much that the electronics went flewy and I was flying blind. (The diodes in each row all stayed on all the time, even though the buttons and audio proved I was actually still playing.)
Good stuff.

My brother had one of these!! I got the crappy car racing version and man I was jealous!


So say we all.

it’s the 1978 battlestar galactica game

… I think, in the miniseries, Six had one in her briefcase.


Way, WAY better than the football game most of us had at that time. WAY better.

That is awesome! I totally forgot that I had one of those as a kid. Don’t know what happened to it tho. How far games have come, huh? :slight_smile:

SWEEEETTT!! I had that one when I was knee high to a grashopper. took me back

That would be too damn funny

It’s similar to this football game. That one was re-released recently, so you may have seen it in stores.

All I have is this.

I take that back. I have an Estes rockets Viper somewhere still, I think. (I hope it didn’t get tosseed in the last move anyway.)

It’s a clone of the one we loved Chuck…my gods…it is a Cylon! TGPAL, throw it out the airlock!